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I have a very generic carry-on bag from EF Tours for my trip, ideas on personalizing it?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) February 17th, 2010

I am going on a school-based trip to England with EF Tours in the beginning of March. They provided the whole group (13 people) with the same carry-on bag. The chaperones told us to personalize it so we can identify it easily in the airports. I want to somehow make it unique and sort of “bedazzle” it, because we are going to be carrying it with us the entire trip for the most part.

It is a small backpack, and it is medium toned blue, and bright orange. It’s quite masculine and I need some creative ideas to decorate it without spending a fortune. I was thinking fabric marker, ribbons, and sequins? Also I HATE the colour scheme, what can I use to colour over it that will be opaque enough and still look clean?

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I would try fabric paint.

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Pins and patches work wonders.

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Remember that it will be heaved on and off trains, planes, and buses and will soon become soiled and bedraggled looking. I would think that sequins would fall off; why not use the energy to learn more about England and put your initials on the bag with duct tape?

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Try not to attract too much attention to yourself or the fact that you’re American.

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Well, being English and living in London I see a lot of tourists with matching backpacks, hats, tees etc. Whilst I agree that they are horrible looking things, they do serve a purpose – those lurid awful colours make you stick out so they can see you. It’s important because all foreign countries can be confusing, and you really don’t want to get stuck in the wrong part of London all by yourself!

I suppose what I’m trying to say is don’t cover the colours too much, leave enough so your guides can spot you in a crowd.

With regards to the actual mods, as @gailcalled said it’s going toget plenty of abuse, so I would stick with sewing as the method of attaching anything loose, not tape or glue. If you have a machine handy that’s great, but if not a needle and thread are not expensive.

Another idea would be to get tons of those little badges that have band names and stuff on them and put them all over the bag.


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Collect patches as you go along and add them to it. Take an emergency sewing kit with you and sew them up. For starters- find one from home to represent the start of the trip. Then, after the trip you’ll have a unique memento.

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Neon colored duct tape.

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