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Are you allowed to carry a gun with you while you swim at a beach, as self-defense from sharks? If not, what can you carry to defend yourself from them?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1149points) February 17th, 2010

Somehow, we must have methods to defend ourselves from sharks. If we can’t carry guns at the beach in case they attack, what can we use that effectively deters sharks?

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My favorite shark defense is not going into the water when there’s a shark risk.

I’m not a gunologist, but I’m pretty sure they generally don’t work underwater anyway. And sharks (live ones, at least) are only found underwater.

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Do not get in the water.

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You punch them in the face.

I’m not kidding.

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Where would you put the gun? I don’t know of many swimsuits with holsters.

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Wanna borrow my mother-in-law’s “Jaws”???

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Come to Michigan, we have 3,288 miles of shoreline,
and no sharks.

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That last thing we need is more people running around with guns.
Sharks attack from behind anyway so a gun is useless in protecting against shark attacks. Plus bullets slow down in water.

Personally if I’m at the beach and I see a guy with a gun, I’m immediately thinking they are more of a threat to me than any shark.

Sampson is correct. Sharks’ noses are very sensitive. They will let go if you beat on them. Many many shark attack survivors say the same.

If you’re being attacked by a shark, and punching it in the nose isn’t effective, it’s your time to go.

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@wilma Good luck swimming in the lakes right now.

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Carry a dolphin with you in the water also seems to help scare them away.
And i’m sure a watergun is allowed, albeit not very lethal.

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@Sampson ya, I know, I won’t do it, but there are a few who will cut a hole in the ice and dive in.

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Submerging a gun in water is going to basically render it useless. I’d suggest not swimming where there might be sharks.

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Here in Chicago we carry guns to defend against the gangs and jump in the water just to get away….(they hate the water)

In the ocean I always bring my mother in law out in the water with me and make sure her wine glass is always full as she then looks just like a wounded seal.

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Honestly, if I were you, I’d worry more about Street Sharks than beach sharks.

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@Sarcasm I nostalgia’d.

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@EgaoNoGenki It is legal to carry a gun in the shower in case a murderer breaks in and tries to kill you, My plan is if attacked in the ocean by a shark or in my shower by a murdrer-I will let them see my body and frighten them to death.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I think we both know the answer to that question.

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guns don’t work underwater, kick them as hard as you can in the snout

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Last time I checked guns dont work underwater. Punch em in the face.

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@Bugabear Well, how fast do bullets swim underwater?

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@Grisaille It’s cleavage, isn’t it? I’m gonna have to start working on some man-boobs. Pass the nachos, please.

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shark attacks are pretty rare actually, so you really shouldn’t worry too much about it.
like someone said, punching it in the nose is supposed to work, and i’ve heard if you punch it in the gills that too works because it starts to suffocate (temporarily) or something.
bringing a gun, or any real weapon, to the beach as a civilian is probably not the best idea.
it might freak out other people and accidents happen, too.

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More people are killed every year from vending machines falling on them than they are from shark attacks. Really, I’m not kidding. There are very few reported cases annually of people actually being killed by sharks.

There’s a documentary film on sharks called Sharkwater that I would recommend, that discredits the myth of sharks being a huge risk to humans – and actually shows that humans are a much bigger risk to sharks! The demand for shark-fin soup in Asia has led to huge slaughters of sharks. Experts estimate as many as 100 million killed annually for their fins. more info about the film here

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No here we carry guns to save us from people at the beach. We leave the sharks alone.

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@occ I guess the sharks only attack because of the harm we cause them (for fishing them for food and leathercraft) and the pollution we dump onto their habitats. That would be the most sensible rationale from them…

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Your gun would get wet. And where would you put said gun? If it’s not illegal now, it should be for those very reasons.

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Please tell me how a person swims with a Glock 40 attached to a swinsuit?

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@john65pennington In betwixt the buttocks.

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Try shark horns, (Aka shark repellent) That makes them really angry!

Don’t forget to call me and invite me to come with you when you come to the beach so I can record you getting mutilated by a great white!

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Is there nowhere Americans dont want to take guns???

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how nice~

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(shakes head)

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Somebody hand me a revolver, I am about to clean the fish bowl

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You would need to get a bang stick. They are only effective if you have it up against the target, and if you don’t kill it, it will be real PO’d.

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