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The FAFSA is making me crazy again, who knows information about it?

Asked by adreamofautumn (3983points) February 17th, 2010

I hate filling out the FAFSA, it is just unpleasant. That being said, it is a necessary evil and I need help!

Does anyone know, when you’re filling out your parents educational levels, how to rank a parent that completed a technical course? My father completed the course to get licensed as an electrician, do I put him his highest level as “high school”, “college or beyond” or “other”?

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Meaning like he went to a trade school? Then I’d put ‘other.’ Unless he went to college as well.

(I feel ya. I’ve been filling out those forms as well.)

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Is that info that important? I always fill out the FAFSA for my husband and I don’t pay much attention to that stuff. I figure #1 it’s none of their business and #2 what does it matter? It’s just for statistics isn’t it? I would list it as ‘other’ if they don’t have a vocational or trade school choice.

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Go for the college level as an electricians training and apprenticeship is quite rigorous involving many facets of education.

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Unless your dad graduated from an accredited 4-year college or university, I would not put down college/university degree. I would put down high school diploma or “other.” If you are currently in school, you may want to seek some guidance from the financial aid office if you have additional questions about the FAFSA. I know—this stuff can be a pain!

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Thanks everyone, turns out I got to skip it all together because thanks to heading off to grad school i’m automatically “independent” and thus the parents just don’t matter to my fafsa, but thanks for the help anyways!

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It’s rude that there’s no room given for writing down in a dignified way that a person has

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