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Ever wanted to punch someone in the face?

Asked by Jude (32112points) February 17th, 2010

Did you?

Or did you come close?

Because you were incredibly angry.

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I’m going to go out on a limb and say everyone has thought about it.
Most people won’t act on it.

Chuck Palahniuk is right. Most people will do everything they can not to get in a fight.

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I’ve been tempted but I never followed through. Very few things are successfully accomplished through the use of violence, in my humble opinion.

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I’ve only slapped someone in the face. HARD.
Immediately after I did I felt so bad that I hugged them.

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Yes…and have done it. But I try to avoid bar fights anymore.

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I would be amazed if a person hasn’t at least wanted to punch someone in the face.

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and I have done this before

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No much too messy I prefer kicking in the doo dads as that is much more fun to see the faces they will make as they mouth the words No!! and Ow!!!

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Pretty much every day of my life I would love to ball up my fist and just punch someone right in the mouth. I haven’t yet, but some day I might totally snap.

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No, no and never.

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Um, not recommended, scars on your knuckles are ugly. I’ve learned from my past mistakes and now I’m with the @Cruiser school of thought, and yes, it is fun watching their faces.


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I am just not a violent person. It’s not who I am, usually.

I’ve gotten to the point of wanting to punch someone maybe 4 times in my whole life, not including the person I actually punched.

When I was 15 my boyfriend smacked me hard across the face. I instinctively punched him in the face. He always said I broke his nose, but I don’t think I did.

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I did once. I was walking out of my German class my sophomore year of high school when Melanie came out of nowhere and hit me in the face. Apparently she thought I called her a slut. maybe I did I hit her back in self defense.

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The last time was about 25 years ago. A guy down the street took a poke at me, and missed, and I swung hard right back and missed.
It still makes me mad that neither of us could fight worth a shit.

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Yes to all of it. I am a peaceful person however I am also a firm believer in peace through aggression if the situation needs to be that way. I would rather, walk away or talk it out but sometimes people do not want to talk and sometimes walking away is not the best thing. While violence is not the answer it’s hard to still act like a total prick if someone smacks you in the face good enough.

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I have definitely wanted to, but I don’t think I ever have.

IOnce during a soccer match I was going for the goal and the goalie got in my way so I kicked her in the face. I was known for my kicking abilities: I would part the field like the Red Sea when I went for a kick. Does that count?

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I took a swing at @gailcalled once and suddenly found myself across her knee getting the spanking of a lifetime.

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@Blondesjon Wow, so that was win-win!

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removed by me..

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Never wanted to punch someone in the face but I have slapped someone in the face years ago and then felt ridiculous about it.

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I usually just punch people in the ribs.

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I punched my older cousin in the face when I was 12 and bloodied his nose. He had hit me once too often for what I thought was no good reason and I was sick of it. He left me alone after that.

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@judochop You bet, man!!!!

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Certainly thought about it but I’m a girl. Still think about now. If I have to be civil for a length of time with someone I have no good thoughts for, I find it soothing imagery.

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Hell I’ve often felt like slaughtering a whole buncha people. Chances are though, I’m never gonna do it.

And even if it weren’t for legal reasons, I still have some kinda conscience.

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@faye Certainly thought about it but I’m a girl.

…So? I’ve been punched in the face by girls before. You can do it too.

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Funny you should ask. That thought is running through my mind right this minute.

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Yes. And I have thrown a punch.

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@Sampson If my poor mom heard you say that!!! Not how I was raised, I never could have pulled it off.

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@faye My mom would have said the same thing to you. I was raised around strong women.

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I don’t allow myself to get that angry.

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As an adult, I’ve wanted to punch only one person in the face multiple times, and I resisted the urge. Did a lot of damage to inanimate objects instead.

That said, I’ve been in several knock-down, drag-out fist fights… all but one against boys, and all of them before my 14th birthday, when the boys could finally kick my ass. ;)

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Now, what about you @jmah?

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@augustlan . . . tell the fridge i’m sorry. . .

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I both kicked some ass and had my ass kicked in my youth. As an adult I’ve just frightened people more than anything. I’m afraid I’ll kill someone if I get violent… rage is a beast at times.

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yes and head butted. That was a long while back, not sure it is appropriate adult behaviour. Walk away.

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I’ve told this story here before Once I socked my husband in the chest, and then we both burst into tears, and called the cops. They came, and we were still crying a little bit, and they told him not to make me that mad, and they told me I’m not allowed to do that any more. We were middle-aged. We didn’t do that any more.

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That’s sweet. Cops come to find a couple in a blubbering mess.

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@susanc Even adults need a ‘parent’ sometimes. :)

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I have a colleague who is the most annoying person I ever met.
Everything would be good if he would stay away from me but he doesn’t want to do this so he comes almost everyday to me and tries to annoy me by telling me a lot of stuff.I don’t get mad when I’m being insulted because I can always give a better reply but when he gets to insulting my friends and throwing my stuff around I can barely stop myself before punching him.
I punched him twice but not in the face
Last year,I even go to a counselor to tell me how should I handle this

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Yes. Have I? Yes.

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Yes, my ex and I used to fight constantly.

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I often have fleeting feelings of wanting to deck a person because I think, at that moment in time, they are being an idiot (!) but I never actually did it. Funnily enough, this morning as I was driving to work I was thinking about how my friends ex is treating their daughter (he keeps refusing to pay child maintenance and only wants to see the little girl on his terms. Sometimes when he does see her he threatens not to bring her back to her mum, who has custody etc) and I really wished I could punch his lights out for being a class A dickhead.

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Had a few brewskies when I asked this question. Now, I realize that it was a wee bit silly.

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Glad you didn’t punch anybody.

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Mmmmm. beer.

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Yeah, in 6th grade.

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Beer inspires…

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yea when i was 8 i had these friends of mine that were twins same age as me, it was a boy and a girl… The boy threw a rock at my throat real hard and i lost my breath for a few seconds… and the next thing i know im on top of him beating the crap out of him… punching him in the face it was weird i couldnt stop myself… i believe i stopped after slamming his head in the sidewalk… I felt so horrible cause he was crying.. and i tried to stop but i couldnt :(, but im kinda happy now cause he doesn’t remember it :) happening.

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