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How fit is "fat but fit"?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) February 17th, 2010

As a lot of people try to tell me that even though Americans tip the scale pound for pound more than most nations that most of those topping the scales, are fat but fit. Just how fit IS “fat but fit”? Watching these Olympics the term “best athletes in the world” seem to come up often. But I don’t see any 340lb+ male Olympians in any events at all. I would think if people can be fat and fit they would want to go head to head at the Olympics to show you can be clinically over weight but still be fit. Bobsled, luge, skeleton etc, those are gravity events, one would think a 5ft 6in 263lb woman slider would have an advantage with more weight for gravity to work with. Or to be a 5ft 4in 280lb woman, or 6ft 1in 403lb male curler would be seen at the games, all you have to do is walk around with a broom. Most of the Olympians I see don’t look to be more than 160lb for the women and 225 max (if that much) for the men. “Fat but fit” certainly don’t seem to be fit enough even for curling; how fit is it, and it is “fat but fit” enough to do ANY sports (walking on ice with a broom curling you can’t get much more low impact than that)?

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Saying you are ‘fat but fit’ is just a lame excuse to be fat. Drop the fork and exercise for God’s sake!

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20 lbs over ideal weight and in full on training would be “fat and fit” still in the loser Olympic level…. 340 lbs would be wishful dreaming…sorry

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Are you asking how fit “fat but fit” is?
If so, it really depends how fat your butt is so your pants can fit :P

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I’ve read that the fitness ratio is something called the body mass index.

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If you are “fat” you are not fit.

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It really depends on just how fat we’re talking. If you’re just a little overweight, or even moderately overweight, you can still be in good health and fitness. Obesity is a separate issue, though.

And @pikipupiba, how incredibly rude and narrow-minded of you. “Drop the fork and exercise?” Rarely is it that simple.

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“It really depends on just how fat we’re talking.”

And what is fat.

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Slightly overweight people who exercise regularly are healthier than completely inactive people with an optimal BMI.

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The bigger you are the less control you have over your body. Such as in luge, the slightest movement will send you against the wall, so some 300 pound guy would have much more of a challenge controlling his body (especially with G-forces) then a 220 pound man.

I would consider somebody “fat” but fit if they were 25 pounds or more then their ideal body weight (in fat, not muscle) and still capable of running a 4.8 40 yard sprint, a 6:30 mile, and having a 26 inch vertical.

Basically overweight but capable of decent athletic achievements. I’ve seen it before.

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@TehRoflMobile So the “capable of running a 4.8 40 yard sprint, a 6:30 mile, and having a 26 inch vertical.” that is the de facto benchmark as to if a guy is as healthy as he is suppose to be?

@mattbrowne Would you day an active 5ft 10in guy who bowls and play softball regularly would be more fit than a 6ft 1in guy who ate mostly fast food and played video games all day?

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I wonder if this question applies to Sumo wrestlers?

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@YARNLADY I have wondered about that. In the past I have heard of problems some Sumo wrestlers have with joint problems etc; I would wonder if they did if it was due to size or them throwing eachother about?

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@TehRoflMobile Even if it maybe true can you say overweight people have less control over their body or movements and still do so in a PC manner? Just pointing out hoe some would take it, factual or not :-)

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@Hypocrisy_Central I’m not saying they may be fit internally. They could have heart, lung, ect problems, but from the stand point of what everyone else sees, I would say they are athletically fit, maybe not healthy. Just depends on how you look at, but I see your point ;p.

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Fat but fit can happen, but it is a very very rare occurrence. In genreal, it means that you have could cardiovascular health (You’d have no problem running 3–5 miles) while happening to have a few extra pounds. A perfect example of this very very rare person would be my old roommate. I’m 5’8 and 165lbs and ripped while he is 6’0 and 235 lbs and carrying ALOT of fat. The thing is though, is that he can run a half marathon (13.1 miles) quicker than I can with a time under 2 hours. He is in very good shape but does have fat and it thus ‘fit and fat’. Keep in mind this is very rare and 99% of people who say this are not fit, but they are fat.

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