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Does this type of website exist? If not, would it work to make it, and how? If it wouldn't work, why not?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5619points) February 17th, 2010

OK so. The regular jellies should know that I like kids and I try to be an “older sister” to the kids I know.
I always wanted a site like this when I was younger, and it seemed to never exist.
I’m thinking of a site that:
-is like Fluther. I never exactly knew how to describe it, but now that I’m on here I want something like it only for kids.
-is for kids, not just people over 13 (I know, with the COPPA it gets difficult, but I don’t think it would be that hard to do it)
-I want there to be teen-age mods, if at all possible.

Does anything anywhere near that exist? (I know about this one part of the PBSkids site is out there, called It’s My Life, but that is not what I’m talking about.) If not, would it be possible to create? If it wouldn’t work, why not? And how exactly would I go about doing this? It probably won’t happen for at least a year, if ever. But I can’t stand not knowing the answers to these questions.

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Could you create your own ning. site?

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@faye Maybe…what’s a “ning.” site? I’ve never heard of it.

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I don’t really know how but I’ve seen Q&A sites that say someone created this ning network. I bet if you google that they would walk you through it.

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@faye…Hm…I googled it and I found the site…I don’t think it’s exactly what I want.

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The issue I see with it is that there’s a good chance it would be over-run with “does he like me” and homework questions and shitty trolls. As an adult, I see that as a negative thing, but kids might be into it. There’s a chance it could be a good resource for “what’s happening to my body” and real crisis type questions though.

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@ChocolateReigns You would make your own site. What you google shows examples. It’s up to you to set it up as you want. Again, I think, I haven’t ever done it just read about it.

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paedophilliacs will be a major problem for the site.

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—-Fluther has become that way of late anyway.—- Does he like me and homework questions, that is. May as well have a teen site, too.

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Are you going to kick people out when they get too old? How are you going to get the registration thing handled? Are you really going to trust teens to help keep everything in line?

The idea just sounds stupid to me.

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@theichibun It obviously has some difficulties. I’m wondering how much work it would be to make it work.

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I have personally spoken with adults who have set up sites like this (or a participatory forum board) who eventually gave up and shut it down because of the constant flood of spammers and trolls. That’s just the way the Internet is nowadays.

It is a LOT of work to keep a site free from this crap. It is CONSTANT hard work. There is just no way around it. And without it the site quality just deteriorates to the point that people don’t come back.

I forsee that as your primary obstacle. I also think it may be difficult for you to find teen mods who are willing to stick with it for the long haul so you have a well maintained site and not the constant headache of volunteer turnover.

I’m not saying it’s a stupid idea. It’s just one that would be extremely difficult to maintain the quality on. It’s too overwhelming for one person to handle certainly. And the majority of teenagers are at apoint in their lives where they are generally experimenting with many interests and keep trying out and dropping various things frequently. Finding other teens to help you manage this site on an ongoing consistent basis would pose quite a challenge.

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@Buttonstc You’ve got quite a few good points there. Thanks.

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