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What's a good glue to use to adhere a small mirror to a piece of wood (craft project)?

Asked by jca (36002points) February 17th, 2010

i want to glue a small mirror (like 3” diameter) to a piece of wood. what is a good adhesive that will not ruin the back of the mirror? i see there’s something called Mirror Mastic but that seems like a caulky, bulky substance that i don’t think would work for a small project like a craft.

i do decoupage and want to make a small wooden plaque with a small mirror glued to it.

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I would use silicon glue.

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I think almost anything will work. Super glue or a hot glue gun come to mind.

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I second Gorilla Glue. I’ve had good luck with it in the past.

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Third Gorilla Glue.

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i just want to make sure that whatever i use will not ruin the silver on the back that makes the mirror a mirror.

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It depends…How is the mirror going to be displayed? Like, is it going to be hanging on the wall, or sitting on a desk or dresser? If it’s hanging, I think I would use Gorilla Glue. If it’s hanging, you probably don’t want any globs of glue that a hot glue gun would make. For that matter, you probably don’t want any of that at all. So I would say Gorilla Glue. It shouldn’t wreck the silver on the back of the mirror. Especially since most mirrors have some paper on the back.

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Most mirrors have some paper on the back?
Gorilla Glue: fourth it.

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As just about everyone has already said – Gorilla Glue works great, for this type of project. If you’re worried about it ruining the back, just use it around the edges. It won’t be quite as strong of a hold, but it will still work well enough.

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Hot glue and krazy glue

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Gorilla Glue will glue your mother to your father. its that good.

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@john65pennington LOL. You’re absolutely right. If all the votes for Gorilla Glue and your endorsement doesn’t convince @jca that Gorilla Glue is the answer, nothing will.

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