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Look at yourself 10 years ago . Compare it to yourself today . Do you feel that you have become better or worst?

Asked by higherground (1148points) February 17th, 2010

I think that people all change with time , and changes are not necessary bad – it can be a good thing too !

For me – 10 years ago , I’d have been 11 years old , going to 12 . I’d say that I have matured a lot over these 10 years , I’ve learned a lot of things and I am definitely glad for these 10 years – good or bad . I’ve learned a lot of things from these 10 years , and I am pretty glad with what I’ve got today .

Not sure if I’ll feel the same or better 10 years later when I ask myself this question again , but I feel that these 10 years made me a better person .

What about you ?

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Ten years ago I was 19, depressed, undiagnosed with a difficult disorder, doing terribly in college, struggling with alcohol and drug misuse, looking for love in all the wrong places mostly bed , and insecure about my relationships. All those things have turned around, so I can happily and proudly say I’ve changed for the much better.

I wouldn’t give up a second of those times though.

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Worse, definitely.
I don’t know how to live or make the best of anything, contrary to back then, when I seemingly didn’t really care about anything and so, therefore, took risks and experienced awesome stuff.
I drank to have fun back then, not to forget stuff.
I feel like an empty shell waiting for death. Something cool needs to happen to me right now, like a zombie invasion or something.

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Ten years ago I was 8 years old. I only remember that time as being positive. I was in third grade, which was a really fun year for me. I was friends with two guys that I would stay friends with until I moved to San Francisco. I remember spending a lot of time with this new girl named Morgan who was really cool and a little tomboyish. I remember getting a Razor scooter and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. Pokemon was all the rage at this time. I don’t remember too much, but I don’t remember anything negative. I guess I’ve changed for the better in that when I was 8, I was much more sensitive and much more of a crybaby. I was also super small and sounded like a girl. Glad that has changed. :) It wouldn’t be until next year that I had my first crush.

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I was 13 ten years ago. I barely remember being 13. What grade was that? Middle school of some sort. I did strangely enjoy middle school, but I was pretty broken at the time… I’m in s much better place now. At this point in my life, I feel centered, mature, competent… I was none of those things then. I guess that’s not surprising, huh? And I only expect that I will get better with age. :)

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“The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be.” — Paul Valery.

Ten years ago I was 14 and life was bliss—or so it seems today—the expectations I had for myself and the world have not come to pass. I was in a more positive frame of mind then, I cannot say the same thing today.

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My ass was cuter and I had more desire when I was almost 26. But now I have someone who I love and trust, and I have way more money.

It’s not better or worse, just different.

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In my experience, life changes less and less the older one gets.

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10 years ago I was 9, I am glad my childhood and teenage days are over now that I think about it….

I finally feel I’m in control of my life.

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15 year old me was a fucking moron. I’m doing much, much better now.

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8.5 yeah. I count in halves. year old me? Hm..
I was in the middle of the adoption process then… I’ve learned a lot since then and I’ve had amazing experiences since then.
I’d say if you include all those things, I’ve become better, and life is more carefree in some ways.

But on the other hand, since then, I’ve discovered boys, drugs and alcohol.
So I miss that innocence of being young and naive about the world.

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To be honest , I’m glad to see most of us becoming better with time (=

And for those otherwise , give yourself another 10 years ! (=

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Different, not better or worse. 10 years ago I was more idealistic than I am now. In no way was I a blind optimist but I thought life would go better than it has. A few things from the past 10 years:

1) I went from middle class to poor due to the economy. Thankyou Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama.
2) I lost health insurance and have had to accept that I am going to die due to it.
3) I was betrayed so badly by someone I loved that I thought I would never recover… but I did.
4) After decades of avoiding falling to hate I almost did because of the slaughter of my people in EU. Courtesy of my father’s teachings and some advice from a friend I avoided that.
5) much more.

On the good side I met my wife. Ok, on the fantastic side for that one.

So, the 47 year old me is more jaded, untrusting, and cynical than my 37 year old self. However, my 47 year old self is also more mellow and philosophical than a decade ago. I am also more likely to laugh at myself. I have also learned that no matter how bad it gets, I am going to make it. I may not like it but I shall survive.

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Better.I was diagnosed with MS one year ago and somehow I’m better.“Splain that to Lucy,will ya? ;))

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10 years ago I was a stubborn, spoiled 17 year old who thought the world revolved around me.. time has taught me to be patient and not to take other people’s advice for granted. I consider myself a much more mature person now and I only hope 10 years from now I’ll be even more knowledgeable.

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I like to think I’m a work in progress, although sometimes I seriously wonder…

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I was 4 ten years ago, I have (hopefully) matured quite a lot.

Oh what the heck, I was 4 at the time, what did you expect?

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Ten years ago I was 24, had been married a year and had a newborn. I think I was still pretty immature at that age. I was a spoiled child and it took me a lot of years to grow out of that. I still wasn’t used to not being able to have everything I wanted handed to me, like it always had been by my parents. Now, I’m a mother of two and still happily married. And I know all about struggling financially, good times, bad times, and that sometimes life is really, really crappy and other times it’s great.

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Way worse.

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The difference between 56 and 66 is minuscule. One big change in my family, though, my son got married and gave me two darling little grandsons.

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much much much much much much better.

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I was 11 ten years ago. I was a real asshole when I was a kid. Very angry and quick to violence. Around puberty, I had an epiphany. Acting like that won’t get me chicks. So I changed things up.

The 21 year old me is in a cross roads. Here I am leaving San Francisco to move back home because I lost my job in unfair circumstances. I’m slowly fading out of all of my hobbies. I haven’t written anything worthwhile in weeks. I haven’t taken a picture in weeks. My interests are becoming less. All I do is walk around and look at things, listen to music, and drink.

I could go back to school when I get back home, but my parents (who are very kind to me, despite all my fuck ups) are unwilling to help pay unless all my major is pre-approved by them. My old man wants me to find a job along the lines of an electrician, but my interests are in the arts.

And hell, most of my supposed friends couldn’t really give less a shit about me. Most of the people in my former social circles are completely indifferent to ever seeing me again.

So am I better off? I don’t know. In some ways, most definitely. I’m more self-aware, and therefore, more able to analyze a situation and adapt. But my future is fading away quickly, and I’m nearing a brick wall at 70mph. So you tell me.


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Not worst.

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10 years ago I was 21, unhappy and attempted suicide.

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@Zen_Again Oh thank you for pointing that out ! I’ll change it (= Trying to brush up on my English !

(Oh no , why can’t I edit the question ? Oh no .)

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10 years ago I was 55, I was 15 pounds heavier and a lot dumber.

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Well.. I have become majority jaded about a lot of things. I feel that life has really taken my youthfulness away with my innocence about the world. On the plus side, I have learned a great deal about life, and things that I used to value really aren’t that important. I have learned a lot of skills about anger control, people management, and responsibilities that I lacked 10 years ago. I missed the fact that I was a lot thinner back then =\

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I guess I could say I am better :-)

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I was 13 years old and so naturally I am more knowledgable or experienced of certain issues making me a lot more rounded person than I was back then, however, I still have a very long way to go. I wasn’t any less carefree back then, I have always been a very anxious person and that hasn’t really changed much, I just worry myself stupid over different things nowadays.

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Ten years ago I was 20. I was addicted to drugs, I partied and fucked lots of people. I thought I would die in a few years so I didn’t think much of the future. I had knew way too many people but had no friends. I was always the center of attention at every party, though even then I didn’t want to be. I worked a retail job that was little stress and more money than I needed at the time. I lived at home with a hot tub and a pool, came and went as I pleased. My life was heading towards death. Ten years later I finally made it out of my home state, the state I hate, and I am working on doing things for myself. I am happy to have made it to age thirty.

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I was 23yrs old back then. Recently left University, few cares, good girlfriend, decent job, thought I had it all ahead of me. Plus I was principled, moral, & decent.
My how things have changed, a wasted decade later & I’ve become a much worse person.

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