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Do you wonder what it would be like to have sex with people you're not exactly attracted to?

Asked by nikipedia (27521points) February 17th, 2010

A friend of mine mentioned today that she fantasizes briefly about having sex with pretty much everyone she meets, whether she’s attracted to them or not. I admit the thought has crossed my mind from time to time, especially with people I meet in a professional setting.

Is this common or are we freakos? Am I going to regret posting this when I am no longer lying in bed with the bubonic plague praying for death? Is this a poll question?

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Perfectly normal
<——call me

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I think about how people might be when they are having sex, just having sex, not with me. You know the very prim and proper lady who has code words for peeing? Does she ever lose those hairpins and bite his neck?

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Ha ha, it’s a pole question.


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I sometimes think that too. I think it is something to do with seeing a person being vulnerable and “different” to their being professional. I have had sex with people I am not attracted to. For other reasons, that was not based on attraction. (obviously).

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@faye They are usually the ones to don leather, rubber and whips.

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Haven’t many of us continued to have sex in a relationship that was really dead just not buried yet? And, I have a friend I just can’t visualize ‘doin’ it’.

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I love you all a little bit more every day. Especially @kevbo and @tinyfaery.

PS: Kev, I read this and thought of you:

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I’ve had sex with people I wasn’t very attracted to and my enjoyment was significantly less than with people I was attracted to. So, no, I generally only fantasize about people I’m at least somewhat attracted to. Kind of validating that you posted this, though, because I’ve lately felt like a major horndog for briefly fantasizing about the attractive women that cross my path. There are a lot of hot ladies here, man.

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Fuck, I dunno. Probably. Never really thought about it.

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@nikipedia, your data are so damn sexy!

love you ;-)

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Why would you do that?

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Just for the t-shirt

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@SeventhSense Oh yeah, I got one of those for Christmas!

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Lol…you said “pole”.

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Not really. I think the whole point of me being not attracted to them is that I wouldn’t want to have sex with them. Now, I’ve wondered what it would be like to have sex with someone who wasn’t in my Top 20 or something, someone who wasn’t super cute or hot, but still attractive to me. Unfortunately, my boyfriend is just a little too attractive for that. :)

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OK…i guess Santa is a stranger
umm…a little late on that one..awkward

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@SeventhSense It’s never too late for Beavis and Butthead.

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No but kevbo beat you to it.

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@SeventhSense Well yeah. That’s what made me think of it lol.

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she needs a sandwich….

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no I have not wondered that, but I have experienced it. Sometimes I wonder what certain might be like in bed, but I don’t want have sex with them.

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No, but my friend always said that if there was a time to be homosexual, it woukd be if you met the future you in a time machine. I dont agree.

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It is normal as far as I know to fantasize sexually about acquaintances, but… Every person you meet seems a little severe… I think you might need to try keeping those thoughts under control…

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I have had sex with people I am not attracted to, it is horrible.

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It depends on the mood and the alcohol content.

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Nothing that a paper bag wouldn’t fix.After all you don’t look at the mantle piece when you poke the fire.

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Not with everyone I meet, but I do wonder how the person is in bed or what their body looks like naked. <freak

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Did you change the question? Maybe I just read it wrong when I was tired…

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No, been there, done that already.

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