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What would be a good team name?

Asked by exitnirvana (912points) February 17th, 2010

I’m trying to find suggestions as to what would be a good team name for my department (Radiology) in reference to a for a 5k we’re participating in.

We’re trying to come up with something clever, but so far no luck…so, I’m branching out and accepting suggestions from the collective unknown.

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Radio Flyers?

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The X-raycers.

My apologies for the cornyness.

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MRI – Multiple Running Interns.

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How about the Glow Worms? No? I don’t blame you
The Ultrasounders? Even worse? Yeah, I know.
Los RadiĆ³logos?
The Highway Scanners?
The Imagineers?

Well, I’m tapped… hope it helped!

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@Smashley +10 for “Los RadiĆ³logos”

“Radiation Nation”? OMG that’s lame

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Chicken Nerds!

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The Inside Edge

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@augustlan That one sounds like a winner to me.

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Team # 3 and ¼

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Yeah, Radio Flyers.

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Shadow gazers
The Clean Breaks

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I still like Glow Worms. its simple. its catchy and people will remember it.

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Right on Runners

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Winning Weasels

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Oh yeah!

Blazing Penguins


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Team RamRod…. unrelated, but thought it was funny (super troopers, Car RamRod).

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Rays of Danger. lol

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Bad to the bone

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Team Radiology.

I tried xD

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Thank you for all the ideas guys! I appreciate the input!

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