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Do you have a 'type'?

Asked by TheJoker (2795points) February 18th, 2010

With regards to dating, people often say they like this type, or that type… Do you, & have your past & / or current partners conformed to this type?

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I do have a type, and I have only dated one person that fits my type, and that is current partner. I like a tall man, slim to medium build, dark hair, funny, caring and just a match really. We are the perfect match, it shocks him sometimes just how perfect we are. We are alike in so many ways.

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@Dibley I think that can suprise alot of men, when they meet someone perfectly matched to them… most men like to see themselves as a lone-ranger :)

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@TheJoker He still won’t admit we are perfect but I know he thinks it!

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Personality does not matter. only the attitude of mind matters..

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Previously answered HERE.

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@TheJoker I think this is a great question :-)

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@Dibley Thanks, I’m certainly looking forward to the answeres :)

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@Dibley But don’t you sometimes find that ‘opposites’ attract?

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No I don’t go for a certain type – physically that is,
What I do go for is a kind and caring person.

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@partyparty Not with me, all my other previous partners have all been completely different to who I am with now. I didn’t like myself with them and I was quite prudish and selfish with them I guess, because they weren’t my type , I wasn’t sexually comfortable with them.

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@SABOTEUR I’m not really sure if ‘the one’ is the same thing as ‘a type’

Yeah I definately have a type – girls way out of my league!

Joking aside though, the kind of girl I think I prefer, and the ones I actually end up dating seem to be totally unrelated, so whilst yeah, I do have a ‘type’, the relationships that have worked for me have never been judged by the same criteria as the ones that play out in my head. It’s more interesting that way anyway, if my ideal girl walked in the room then I’d feel like there was nothing to learn about her!


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@EdMayhew Haha, you’re not the only one with that problem…. just wait till you actually get one of the girls ‘way out of your league’ that’ll really freak you out!

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@TheJoker Yeah weird that, funny though it tends to work out for me. Maybe it’s something to do with my never ending optimism! Well, if you aim high enough you just might hit something ;)

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@EdMayhew Thats an excellent attitude, it’s only happened to me twice, first time didnt end so well… I’ll let you know with the second.

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Of course! If they can’t Kazoo and River Dance at the same time, no second date.

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@Cruiser I really don’t think that counts as a type, more of a standard pre-requisite for any decent, well educated girl!

@TheJoker Higher you fly the harder you fall, just remember that it’s not all about how it ends, there’s a beginning and a middle bit too, and they were great times, right? And when it does work you’ll know it was all worth it! Let me know how it goes (I’m sure it’ll be epic)

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@Cruiser Oooh I love to see river dancing LOLL ! (Had to look up what Kazoo meant)!!

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I thought I had a type until I got with my current partner who does not fit that type and yet, I love him more than I have ever loved anyone that did.

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I didn’t use to think that I had a type really. I tend to date nerdy boys and oddballs but less about type and more about opportunity. I’ve since figured out that I much prefer these boys to any other type. :) But I’ve recently found out that Freud was right. By this I mean my basic type is very similar to that of my grandfather who is the closest thing to a father figure I ever had. My current boyfriend is about as tall as my grandfather was, as well as broad shouldered and naturally muscular. He is also a very quiet guy who is very easygoing and takes things in stride, just like my grandfather. :)

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I like plus size women, fat women, BBWs etc etc.They are oh-so-sexy :)

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@Blackberry You’re a real trooper, dude!

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@KatawaGrey I completely understand what you are saying, my dad and my boyfriend look nothing alike but parts of their personalities are very similar, their humour especially.

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I have a thing with long / rich hair. I love ladies with nice hair and I also love ladies that have a full figure. :-) sweetie… if you are reading this, I’m talking about you! You are my perfect everything!

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@EdMayhew You are right about that, but for me it sure narrows down the field

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I go for the type-o.They’re a little wayward but I correct them soon enough.

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No, but I aim to get me one this time around. I definitely plan to be a lot more selective and careful, and I plan to get to know a man and decide after a couple months if there is chemistry not based on his looks.

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I used to date, long haired, interesting looking guys, not the conventional chisled jaw type blokes. I always dated older blokes, even if it was just by a few months, don’t know why, it just seemed to work that way, except once when I dated someone a year younger, it didn’t last long, but it was fun!
I met my hubby in a pub 13 years ago and although a little shorter than me and most men, he is older and still not your conventional type of good looking!

I LOVE him HEAPS! and wouldn’t swap him for the world, he still knows how to make me tingle all over just being flashing his smile and looking at me with his beautiful blue eyes!

So I guess my type in my husband!! And no you can’t have him!

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@loser Haha, it does tend to help!

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@TheJoker do not go looking for a certain type. Either there is chemistry or not….so many things go into good chemistry between two people.

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My type is someone I can trust, who will make me laugh and who has a large bank account. Kidding about the bank account, but must be secure and not looking for a handout. Someone who can communicate well is also a very important factor for me.

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@Cruiser Well in which case maybe it should be a case of ‘A successful candidate will be able to kazoo and riverdance at the same time or be willing to undergo training within a specified timescale’


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Who’s thinking ‘Fluther Personal Ads’ here, eh mods? Whaddaya say? I think it would be a worthwhile addition to the site!

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@EdMayhew Would certainly be worth the entertainment value!

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HA! I am starting to see a whole new level to the possible applications of lurve!

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@EdMayhew oh, got’cha!

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I think it’s an awesome concept, hell, we’re already halfway there on the interests and fields of expertise bit! Somehow I don’t think it’ll catch on though.


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@EdMayhew So long as you dont suggest!

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@TheJoker That’s what I was suggesting in the first place…

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Most of my ex-gf’s were smarter than I was, and were very good singers. Many were quite pretty. They were all quite independant, and most were religious.
These are their commonalities. I didn’t purposely pursue women who were like this. In reflection, I see these qualities in them.

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There are two things that all my bf’s (and men who have expressed real interest in me as a potential girlfriend) have had in common: over 6’ and blue-eyed. Otherwise, they’ve had different looks and personalities. I’ve found different types of men to be physically attractive. As for personality, I prefer someone who is intelligent, funny and secure with himself.

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I don’t really have a type in terms of actual relationships (my husband is nothing like my ex-boyfriends, and none of them really fit a mold). I am, however, attracted to (in a fleeting, oh-he’s-cute sort of way) the same type: Tall, skinny (almost anemic-looking ~) indie hipster boys with nerd glasses and guitars. I think I’m in love with Michael Cera. sigh

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I focus mostly on personality, values – behavior consistency with values.
But I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t say that—can’t get over how attracted I am to asian women. Had a relationship for a year and a half, and a couple of other partners.
If my sexual performance would be given a 7 out of 10 on average – being with an asian it becomes a 11 out of 10?? Go figure, but it is what it is.

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My type is tall, attractive, and older than me. Race doesn’t matter.

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I am attracted to the “Bad boy.”

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Yes.I like honest men that look like Quint.;)

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@lucillelucillelucille Quint, as in; “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” ?

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I almost hate to admit it, but I think Japanese guys are really hot.

As far as personalities go… I don’t know. Funny, down to earth, and geeky – someone who will watch anime and play Pokemon with me. Someone who can be both mature and childish at the appropriate times. Being attractive and having good fashion sense is always a plus.

…Basically, I’m describing my boyfriend. Except that he’s not Japanese.

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I have a huge thing for red-heads and light colored eyes. I have however never strictly conformed to a “type”. I’ve dated blonds, brunettes, red heads, as well as many different skin colors and religious backgrounds. My only real pre-requisite is a vagina, intelligence, a personality and a nice smile. Body type is also not important… I’m a sucker for a smile.

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Smart, funny, good communicator, patient, honest, striving
oh, and a man

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@Cupcake Yes I agree… all of those + kind and caring

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Just so long as there’s a personality there I don’t mind, I sit talking to myself enough as it is!! :-/

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“Here lies the body of Mary Lee.
Died at the age of a hundred & three.
For fifteen years she kept her virginity.
Not a bad record for this vicinity”.

“Here’s to swimmin with bow legged women”

Brilliant memorable lines from the Quintster.Shaw was good in just about everything he did.I liked him best in Pelham 123 though, sinister.

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HIghly intelligent, knowledgeable in many areas, open-minded, curious, witty, and kind

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I like good dental hygiene. Positive attitude that shows and she better know how to type.

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Yeah, the smart, talented type. With passions.

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I like funny, playful, interesting young men who have interests and passions and some type of direction in life. And they have to like to dance. Jewish is a plus. I’ve currently found someone who happens to be all these. I’m hanging on for dear life, lol :)

Physically, I don’t like muscular guys. Not bulky muscular anyhow. I like strong. But not bulky. The darker the hair the better, ideal height is around 5’8”. Nice teeth and NO CHINSTRAP.

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Nerd, geek, unconventional, intellectual, clueless, honest, non-conformist.

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You sir are a raconteur of high esteem! ;-)
so this Quint bloke??? :-/

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Bad boys with fast toys!

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I use to go for assholes. Now I don’t think I have a type. Maybe funny/silly guys, without huge egos

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A positive

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Yes, I have a short list of standards that I won’t compromise (honesty, sense of humor, etc.) but the outside of the, er….package…..varies widely. I am crazy about a manly man. Some men are more manly than others. Everybody can’t be Vin Diesel :)

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I don’t have a type because I take that person for who they are and not what I want them to be.

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