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Getting my tonsils removed, what can I do to make the recovery process better?

Asked by nimarka1 (942points) February 18th, 2010

I’m getting my Tonsils removed this friday, and am pretty nervous about it. I have gotten 2 weeks off from my work (i work as a receptionist at a gym where I constantly pick up and move around heavy equipment) and a week off of school. I’m just more bummed out about the recovery process, and the pain.
If you have had this done how was it like for you?
I’m not suppose to eat any rough foods and can’t have hot or even warm food. only room temperature.
Besides popsicles what did you eat?
How was your pain endurance?
What did you do to pass the time?
Im really dreading this so anything will help!

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Ohhhhh….how’s a trip to the emergency room 8 hours later…3 quart blood transfusion and last rites sound?

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I had mine out a week before I was flying to China (at the age if thirty-two).

I didn’t like the immediate recovery too much (I hate waking up from anesthesia) – but once I was home, I was fine in about four days.

I mostly rested (sat on the couch, read, watched TV). I ate mashed potatoes, pastina with butter, rice, polenta (all just above room temp.) and ice cream. I drank water (like I normally do).

Best of luck with it!!

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Surf the net, read, watch TV, write all those letters you haven’t written. Rest. Eat ice cream, moderate temperature soups and broths. Melon is nice too good luck

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I was 5 years old. But I remember Ice Cream!!!!

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Still have mine.


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I was very young, but I remember lots of fruit juice, smoothies, jello, ice cream, pudding and reading. This was long before the days of television and computers. I love to read, and it was one of the first times I was allowed to read all day long without interruption, except to sleep, eat and a trip to the bathroom now and then.

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I haven’t had mine out, but I’ll tell you what I know according to my husband’s experience. He had them out as an adult. Make sure you take your prescription and otc painkillers on schedule. Especially any narcotics like percocet or oxycodone. It builds up in your system and if you skip a dose or take it too late, it’ll be difficult to get back into the swing of it.

As far as activities, he watched a lot of TV, but that’s kind of his thing. He also did several books of word puzzles and slept a lot.

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Had them out at 30…ouch. I also had a golf ball-sized adenoid removed from my sinus cavity at the same time.

Vicodin worked best, and as soon as possible (after a couple of days), started gargling lukewarm salt water to cleanse the wounds. Don’t be alarmed by the white/green/black stuff you manage to regurgitate-it’s just skin cells and thrombocites (scabs)...they go away in time, and as painful as salt water sounds, it’s not bad at all and seems to neutralize that stuff back there…

Jello, non-carbonated beverages (mostly just water), ice cream (eventually), and lukewarm soups for starters. Really, it’s not the worst thing in the world to go through, just like the @ubersiren mentions, whatever pain med you’re prescribed, stay on time with that!

Otherwise, don’t plan anything strenuous for a couple days and you should be good to go. Probably overstating the obvious, but make sure there is someone to take you home immediately afterwards, and make sure they keep an eye on you; it’s really disorienting when you come to, and you may be a bit nauseous. Don’t force yourself to leave right away if you’re feeling out of it, take it slow leaving the center.

It seems like an instant goes by from when you’re in the anesthesia room to when you wake up in recovery…so in that regard, it’s a breeze.

Don’t worry-you’ll make it! Good luck!

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Like @stump, I had mine out when I was 4 and still remember (from decades ago) the sore throat and lots of ice cream.

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thanks to everyones responses. my surgery went very well. and i have been eating only sorbe and cold soups! but i realized my tongue is in pain. i have a bunch a sores all along the back sides of my tongue. I don’t know if i have been chewing on it because i cant feel it…or maybe the Dr. uses some kind of clamps during surgery to keep it out of the way. Did anyone ever feel or remember this?

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Yeah I remember being surprised by that like they cut something in the very back corners of my tongue…maybe connective tissue imir something. Salt water as gross as it sounds will help het that nasty stuff out (scabs and skin).

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It will cause a thick film on the back of your throat and you will feel like you are choking to death, along with a swollen neck.

Eat lots and lots of popsicles that are just sugar and water and no milk.

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