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In this economy, what is worst quitting without a job or getting fired?

Asked by tytyslim (65points) February 18th, 2010

For the past 3 years I have been working a dead end job that I dread going to everyday. Its to the point I have anxiety attacks Sunday evening at the thought of starting another week. I have tried consistently to find another job, but looking for another job is a full time job alone and I also attend school. I know I should be thankful to have a job because so many don’t, but I feel my hatred for my position is being reflected in my performance

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@tytyslim takes some night classes to improve yourself for a better job. Some how you have to get out of this “rut!” Education is the key. There are lots of schools that are federally funded to improve your skill level. ITT, Sullivan University, etc..

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I have been in this same situation many a plenty. I have had to find new ways to mentally keep it together so I don’t loose my mind. I have had to try and find little joys in the things that I do enjoy about my job. If I may ask.. What is it that you do? I would say that quitting is the worst thing you can do because it’s hard to quality for unemployment if you voluntarily left the company. How do you keep it together each time you go into work?

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@Tenpinmaster in this economy, that is tough! While you are young, assuming that you are young, would take some classes to break this cycle.

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It is definitely worse to get fired as that may hinder you from getting another job. You should always try to leave jobs on a good note, not “burning any bridges” as the saying goes, since you never know when you might run into someone you previously worked with at a potential new job. It is good that you’re in school as I presume that you are taking classes for the field you’re interested in. Try to consider this job as a means to an end… another job which will be better and which you will enjoy more, since the longer you’re at the job, the better it will look on your resume and the more money you can save in the case you find yourself downsized.

One difficulty you face in looking for another job is working (since that limits the time you can take off for interviews). I would suggest you go to a local employment agency as they will be able to match you with jobs you’re most likely a good candidate for, saving you from wasting your time at interviews for which you aren’t a good match. Also, the employment agency can give you tips on improving your resume and you can ask for advise on interview clothing (they know what employers are looking for so be open to constructive suggestions) and interview tips. It has been my experience over the years that only the hiring company pays the employment agency so it shouldn’t cost you anything for their services.

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@BraveWarrior good answer…yeah, never want to “burn your bridge!”

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@BoBo1946 Agreed. Once I get rid of some financial hurdles, I want to go back to school.

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You may hate this job but you will hate not having a paycheck even more. This current economy will have CEO’s, lawyers, carpenters and auto workers to name a few lining up to apply for your job if you quit. Can you be assigned to a different task at your job? Either way, I would have a back up job you are certain you would have if you quit.

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Unless you can afford to quit this job without the benefit of unemployment assistance, you need to do your best and stick it out until you find something else. Keep reminding yourself that this job is temporary and is but one stepping stone on your path. Do the best job you can at your current job though…..a bad reference can negatively impact future opportunities. Good luck. See ya…..Gary/wtf
PS: Welcome to fluther.

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@Tenpinmaster got’cha…education is a beautiful thing! Allows a person to make a choice, rather than, having to take any job.

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Does it make a difference? The end result is the same: you’re unemployed

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I would not make an employment move, until you have some other place to work. like you said, jobs are in short supply. i understand your question oh so much. my first job was working in a factory installing stoppers, by hand, into new vacuum bottles. i hated this job and it almost ruined my right hand. the stoppers had to be hand installed into vacuum bottles coming down an assembly line. how do people do this? i enrolled at the University of Tennessee for a better job and a better way of living. this is your out….school.

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in this economy it doesn’t matter if you got fired or you quit your job as long as you believe in yourself and your goals and act on that vision with patience and persistence

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