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Is Knowledge closer to Desperation or to Relief?

Asked by tata12 (101points) February 18th, 2010

I feel, this, relates to the “Ignorance is a Bliss” somehow

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You shouldn’t see learning and enlightening as desperate dash for knowledge. Ignorance may be bliss, but those people are also desperate to cling on to what little knowledge they have. When you obtain knowledge, you feel relief that you now understand something you didn’t before and feel comfortable and confident in your new knowledge.

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Knowledge is relief. Knowing something keeps you from fearing the great unknown when thinking about that subject.

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The more you know the more questions you will have and it only gets worse. A lobotomy brings relief.

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Knowledge can remove the fears associated with the unknown and clarify frustrations for remedy, so in many respects it is a relief. Like anything else, tho, too much, too quickly can be overwhelming. But, in the end I think we become desperate for more and more knowledge. Knowledge is very powerful and obtaining it can be very satisfying.
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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@whatthefluther Right on. Very good answer.

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It depends. Does that newly acquired knowledge give you power to solve something or gain control, or is it knowledge that is simply increased insight about something you have no control of effect over? One would bring action and relief, while the other might just contribute to obsessive rumination and desperation. It also depends on your personality and how you handle information.

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Education is a cycle breaker! Knowledge is the key to living a good life. So, my answer would be relief and desperation. Relief that you are breaking the cycle and desperation to better yourself.

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Some people, when facing the unknown, get a kind of dyspepsia. I suppose you could consider knowledge to be like Alka Seltzer: “oh, what a relief it is.”

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Knowledge gives you the options you didn’t have before.

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i think knowledge is relief of everything.
being with knowledge, having the answers to the questions on your mind, is being in a state of contentedness. being without knowledge, ignorant, to a premise is being in a state of quandary about that premise.
i used the metaphor once that it’s the difference between being in a state of heaven or hell.

i guess if an answer isn’t productive you should start asking other questions.

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You learn your partner was very much in love with their (unfaithful) ex and was faithful through very trying times, did all they could to retain the relationship- you’re relieved they value and are capable of such love.

You wonder if their love for you will be as deep and committed through your rough spots since they were burned so badly in the past- you feel desperation for assurance they still believe in such things and/or will try for you as they tried for the ex.

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Through knowledge we find a brief sense of relief, and when this stimulation fades, we are desperate for more knowledge. So I would say that it’s relationship to both is equal. Unless of course you’d like to be bias. ahaha

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Too broad a decloaration in any case to have any meaning. Either statement would be almost as silly as saying “ignorance is bliss.”

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“Ignorance is a Bliss”

Please, I do not need to know when and how you wiped your butt.

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This is why Adam and Eve had to leave the paradise.

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