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What goes well on pesto pizza?

Asked by Zajvhal (314points) February 18th, 2010

I’m making a whole wheat pizza crust with pesto sauce and am wondering what veggies would go well…any suggestions? On hand I“ve got canned artichoke hearts, portabello and regular mushrooms, frozen spinach, black olives, onions, carrots…anyone have experience with how these flavors would mix?

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Think of things that you’d like in a pasta with pesto sauce. Personally, I think artichoke hearts, onions, and spinach would be best. Or just tomatoes and fresh mozzarella if you don’t mind picking up some stuff.

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Mushrooms and spinach are great with pesto.

Have any baby shrimp or broccoli? Those are good with pesto pizza too.

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I would think that artichoke hearts, portobello mushrooms, black olives would all be excellent. I might consider some thinly sliced red onion too.

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My lips.

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Crust, cheese, pesto, and tomato slices would be perfect for me.

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I would add some bell peppers and some Frank’s Red Hot. Yum.

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What doesn’t go well on pesto pizza?

Just kidding. I personally like tomatoes, cheese, and chicken.

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All the ingredients sound great but I would switch out carrots with tomatoes and add sliced garlic…but that is just me!

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Ooh… garlic. Definitely a good idea. I’d keep the tomatoes, though. :)

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@Dr_Dredd So would I…I made a goof there with the carrots and corrected it because of your comment!! Thanks ga!

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Waiting for my pizza.

This is making me hungry!

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I say drop a chocolate cake on top of it and call it done! :))

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@ChazMaz Your lips? What, are you trying to suck on it? I’d prefer my teeth munching down on it.

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@lucillelucillelucille The breakfast of champions!

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@erichw1504- Your lips do not come in contact with your food?

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@erichw1504 -That’s correct!
@ChazMaz-I can gulp a choclate cake down like a Scooby snack!No lips required.LOL!Top that!

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Ah, so you are a gulper? Wink wink

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@ChazMaz-No,I am Bond….James Bond.Was he a gulper?

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My God do I have to bring you all to NY to find out what real pizza is? Whole wheat? Vegetables? BLASPHEMY!!!

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@ChazMaz Nope, I eat like a rabid bunny on steroids.

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I think I saw you in a nightmare.

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Pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, crushed red pepper, and my mouth.

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@SeventhSense He’s actually my brother.

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Well he’s a better wingman than
Donny Darko. It’s easier to look good next to the bunny.

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oo…all great ideas thanks everybody!!! Feel free to drop by to share! ;p

@SeventhSense I’m from NY, so I do know what real pizza is, and I totally understand your horror…maybe I should have put in in quotes “pizza,”

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I dunno about carrots on a pizza but everything else you mentioned, I’d eat. Together, even. I like a bit of extra kick so I’d also throw on a few capers or chilli flakes. Oh and skip the frozen spinach and use fresh instead.. When frozen spinach thaws, there’s a LOT of water comes out of it and it’ll make the crust soggy.

Ricotta cheese, or feta cheese, would go well with this too.

Can I come round for dinner?

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chicken and ricotta cheese

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I would par boil the carrots first, or put them in the microwave to soften, but it all sounds great to me. Thaw out the spinach first and squeeze the water out of it.

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Carrots on Pizza? What is this bizarro world?

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@SeventhSense No…not quite…I’m in the same solar system as bizarro world, but 1 planet closer to our sun. I kinda like carrots in a lot of things…omelets, pastas, juice…they’re really good for you…and just so darn pretty!!!

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Too much sugar content when paired with marinara but I guess with the pesto it would be okay.
This whole thread is turning my world upside down. The fabric of my psyche is unraveling with every response.
ok maybe that started before this question

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Nekked ladies!

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Artichoke hearts!

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