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Is the Harley Davidson Nightster a girls bike?

Asked by skar138 (154points) February 18th, 2010

Im looking into buying a Harley. I like the way the nightster looks and its pretty cheep. but i’ve heard its a chick bike.

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No. Look how badass this guy looks.

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All Harley’s are girlie bikes. Real men ride Norton Motorcycles.

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Going by engine size alone, the Nightster has got the 1200, not the 883. Bigger = heavier = more powerful = less chicky.

OTOH, it has a low-slung, single seat saddle. Chicks don’t typically offer to ride guys on the back and so a solo seat is probably their default choice. I bet HD would swap that out for any old saddle you’d want though. And lower is better for folks of shorter-stature (like chicks), although I just think it makes the bike look more badass, usually.

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If you hear it’s a girly bike now, you’ll definitely hear about it when you’re riding it.

Not saying it’s a girly bike myself but people always talk.

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no way mate why the hell do you think that???

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It does look girly…

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Chicks on Harleys are rarely girly

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Nope, sporty are cool. Especially the nightsters. Only weekend riders or people who DONT ride would think so. All bikers have ridin sportys at one time or another. If YOU like it that’s all that matters. I dig them.

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