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What is apache or perl or php or mySQL?

Asked by coolshaymin (30points) February 18th, 2010


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Apache, Perl, PHP, MySQL

Seriously, Wikipedia does wonders. Also try searching with Google.

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Apache is a web server, Perl and PHP are scripting languages, and MySQL is a database server.

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[mod says] Telling the asker to ‘google it’ isn’t an acceptable answer, guys.

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@augustlan However, it is true that this question is very easily answered by simple lookups. Perhaps if the asker edited, they could include more information about why they’re interested or what they’re looking to do, and then we could offer more help. As it stands though, this question could use more details.

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@richardhenry I know what you’re saying, but these days we allow easily ‘googleable’ questions. And stop trying to mod from the grave, damn it! :P

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well the best way to learn about all that is buying books/ebooks
i’m reading a ebook about html/css now and it helping me SO MUCH
understanding it.

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