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if a young lady knowingly miss her birth control pill and didn't tell the guy she was having intercorse with and got pregnant can file a lawsuit?

Asked by jjigga88 (1points) March 4th, 2008

knowling miis birth control pills

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can the file a lawsuit for negligence, constitutional Tort?

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I’m going to take a wild guess and say no. The birth control pill is no guarantee that pregnancy won’t occur. So even if the girl remembered to take her pill , both parties risk an unwanted pregnancy.

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that’s like, the most selfish thing i’ve heard?
(unless you mean “can he file a lawsuit?”, then you should check your work before you send it in so users know what you’re asking)

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• The pill does not even guarantee that pregnancy will be averted.
• It will be difficult to prove that she “knowingly missed” outside of a direct admission from her.
• What do you seek to gain in this lawsuit?
– All of her money and assets, of which she probably has little and will be in debt to you for the duration of the child’s life?
– The loss of an intimate relationship?
– To relinquish all ties and responsibilities as a father of the child?

You are selfish, and do not deserve to be a father for thinking these thoughts. Maybe you will change once you hold the child in your hands.

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squirbel , I applaud your abswer!!

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I second that.

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just remember to leave it in her belly button next time

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intercorse, hmmm is that similar to intercourse? Hope jjigga88 states his question next time so it is clear. But if this a guy asking I pity the baby and Mother.

Dear Mother to be: A D O P T I O N!!!!!

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Knowingly skipping birth control pills and not telling the father as a way to ensnare him into sticking around is an old trick. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

You’re probably on the hook for child support now. Next time, wear a condom.

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an old friend of mine has gotten pregnant 3 times on 3 different birth controls( not just pill form. IUD & depo.) and if someone could file a lawsuit I’m sure she’d be first in line

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yes she can file for child support.

it makes NO difference the circumstances. any man who conceives a child (even if tricked into it) is liable for child support. there was a even a case of woman who took the SEMEN out of the condom, stuck it inside her, got pregnant. and the man is on the hook for child support.

all guys are responsible for their willies. course if she is sleeping around with LOTS of guys then she had to prove who the father is.

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