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Why are Patek Philippe fine watches more expensive than Rolex?

Asked by rdtp2010 (1points) February 18th, 2010

I just want to find out why all my life I’ve known that there is no other brand that is more expensive than Rolex, until I was introduced to the Patek Philippe brand online.

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because they are entirely hand made and the crystals are ground by hand. there are lots of brands more expensive than rolex.

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i am willing to bet that to a person with a lot of lot of money, a Rolex is considered passe. like @trailsillustrated said, there are a lot of brands more expensive than Rolex, and also there are brands that are better quality than Rolex.

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but rolexes are really good and last forever and you can beat hell out of them. people still buy them.

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not saying people don’t buy them, not saying they’re not good, i’m saying there are better watches if you can afford it.

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