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What is for you the nicest sounding language?

Asked by bhec10 (6457points) February 18th, 2010

What language do you think sounds best and why?
Do you want to learn it?
What is your favourite?

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French.Alot of my family is fluent in French.It just sounds so much nicer to be called a !@#$% in that language ;)

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Portugese… its just beautiful

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Definitely not German.

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Japanese. Followed by German.

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English because it’s the only one I can really understand

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Castilian Spanish and Japanese. In very different ways, though. They both sound beautiful in the form of song, though.

French is easily categorized as a beautiful sounding language, and it is in poetic forms. But everyday people speaking French isn’t quite so pretty.

Russian and Arabic are pretty cool languages too.

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Japanese sounds lovely.
I also like French and Italian.

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I like to hear all kinds of languages that I can’t speak! Old languages like Latin or Gaelic. I enjoy hearing people speak African languages and I really really really love to hear to Japanese. I wish I could understand/speak it. Italian is beautiful, too. I guess I just like to hear people talk, lol!

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Gaelic’s lovely. When I was a kid, I saw a show on PBS called The Story of English hosted by Robert MacNeil of The MacNeil-Lehrer News Hour. He went to some tiny town beyond the Pale in Ireland to meet an man whose only language was Gaelic. The man was quite old and was one of the few people left in Ireland for whom it was their only language. He told a story from the old days. I thought the cadence of it was very musical. I’d never heard Gaelic before that and I’ve never forgotten it.

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Southern bell.

I do love a good South East USA twang.

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Parisian French. I fell in love with the sounds before I started to study.(Listen to the old recordings of Edith Piaf and Yves Montand.)

Ditto for Cathstillian Thpanish. Of courthe, no one in my “hood talks that way.

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Visual Basic .NET

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I know everybody loves French, but I personally hate it (probably exactly because it’s so overrated). I find Dutch extremely cute, and I also like Portuguese for some reason. I find Finnish extremely funny, as well as Xhsosa (not sure of spelling). Not necessarily “nice”, but intriguing.

Another quite intriguing language is Romanian, which has Latin roots but a lot of Slavic influence (due to geographical reasons). And Lithuanian, which is a language I’d definitely love to learn if I could.

Generally, I speak 7–8 languages (only 3 fluently) but would like to learn as many as possible.

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Japanese, because that’s the language I.. erm.. get busy in…

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I would like to change my previous answer to Portugese.

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The universal language of babies.

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*correction: Portuguese

@thriftymaid ~ I think you would enjoy the movie Babies which premieres this coming May

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I really like the sound of Russian. I get jealous of people who can speak Russian because my parents can speak it, I’m 75% Russian, and I can’t speak it. :(

I love listening to Russian music and my friend who’s not even Russian says it’s a sexy language. That’s my number one. I also love the sound of French, Turkish, Japanese, and Latin.

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@DominicX – Have you ever seen A Fish Called Wanda? Jamie Lee Curtis’ character is convinced that French is the sexiest language until she discovers that John Cleese’s character can speak Russian. Sexy hijinks ensue.

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@aprilsimnel:And John Cleese’s wooing technique; he says to the Jamie Lee character, “I used to be a good lover, back in the fourteenth century.”

A really funny movie.

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Igbo sounds better than all the rest! ^_^

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