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How do you express the meaning of the idiom "your goose is cooked" in other languages?

Asked by AndreasJ (10points) February 18th, 2010

I like learning equivalent idioms in other languages, because I find them fascinating

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UGGHH UUHGH AHHHG -My drunk uncle!-Pronounced ‘drunkle” in Drunk Uncle and so on and so on…

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I’m not sure how I can express that idiom in English.

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In Dutch that would be:Je gans is gebakken.

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Drawing one’s index and forefingers slowly across one’s own throat while staring fixedly into the other person’ eyes should get the message across.

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You’re toast.

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Ouryay oosgay isyay ookedcay.

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The French would say “t’est fait comme un rat”.

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@Harp Literally meaning…?

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“You’re done for (in the sense of ‘doomed’) like a rat.”

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Du bist geliefert.

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I think America is pretty unique in it’s use of idioms…..they leave a lot of non-English speakers scratching their heads.
I once had a landlord who hailed from South Africa. Whenever he pissed me off (which was often) I’d talk to him and throw in as many slang words and idioms as I could dream up, just to mess with him!

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In French it would be T’est fait a l’os, which translates to, “you’re done for, down to the bone.” Plenty of variations, Harp mentioned one.

You can also say, Tu est cuit, which means “you’re cooked”. Fucked, in other words.

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I’ve used “sei fritto” (“you’re fried”) to similar effect in Italian. Dunno how legit it is, but it gets the point across.

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Oops, typo: should have been ”T’es fait comme un rat”

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lol me too

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El tito es en el wringero. some Spanish dialect

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