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What are the best Gameboy/Gameboy Advanced games?

Asked by Arp (3516points) February 18th, 2010

I asked on the chat, and got overwhelming response, but sadly forgot to make a list! Would you mind spilling the beans on your personal favorites? Thanks!

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The original Super Mario World. I played that for way too long as a child.

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Mario! Tetris! Zelda! Donkey Kong!

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A little more variety, guys 0_o

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That depends on taste, and what game genre you enjoy the most. I guess.

Personally one of my favourite GBA games ever is Castlevania Aria of Sorrow. I also like the ports for FF IV, V and VI, but I don’t know if that counts much since they’re updated ports. But they do have tons of extras so…

Among a legion of Mario and Pikachu fans, there wasn’t much room for me in the GBA world aside from the role playing games, remakes and originals.

Also I’ve yet to find Castlevania Circle of the Moon which I totally want.

I guess we can add Harmony of Dissonance to my list, since Castlevania owns, although that’s by far not one of my fave Castlevania games.

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@Symbeline Thanks! Could I ask which FF port was your favorite?

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ARP! We made you a huge list!
Start with Castlevania and Mega Man.
Then Fire Emblem and Advance Wars 2 is better.
Then Final Fantasy VI.
Wario Ware is a pretty addicting game, too.
Of course, all the Zelda titles I liked Minish Cap.
Metroid Fusion.
Golden Sun.

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@rangerr I know! I am really sorry, but I forgot to write it down, plus you guys are so good at this I thought the rest of the internet could benefit from it as well!

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Wario Ware Twisted is incredible.

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@Arp Final Fantasy VI is my favourite FF game of all time, so that port was a blessing. Extra weapons, (Even if they’re nothing but rehashes of famous weapons from older FF titles.) extra bosses, dungeons and everything…I think clearing all the extra stuff took me more time than it did to clear the main scenario. Also, stealing Atma Weapons, Ragnaroks and Illuminas from the final bosses-NOW A REALITY. Own.

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Any Metroid, Zelda or Mario game is worth playing.
I remember playing Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission for GBA. Those were quite fun.

The line between GBA games and ports is really blurry for me.

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I can’t believe nobody mentioned Pokémon.

I played Pokémon Blue and Gold Versions for so long on the Gameboy Color when I was younger.

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There is nothing better than Super Mario bros. The rest pale in comparison.

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Golden Sun 1 and 2. No contest.

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YEEEEAAAAH Super Mario Land (Orig)

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The Sims Bustin out and FFVI

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Pokemon, Sonic, and,,, MARIO

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Pokemon Gold was one of my favorite Pokemon games. Links Awakening, Metroid, and Golden Sun.

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Definitely Pokemon! I had Silver and Yellow. I think I preferred Yellow, because you started out with Pikachu.

The only other game I remember playing was Barbie Ocean Discovery, but you don’t have to add that one to your list if you don’t want to.

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