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Absent Minded in school/home?

Asked by iScizoX (15points) February 18th, 2010

My parents and teachers say i keep forgetting alot of things, being absent-minded, spaceing out to… I had A’s and B’s the year before, Now its Mostly, C’s and D’s, im doing worse now, and I don’t know why, teachers say im not focusing, or concentrating. They say i try, but isn’t able to, i really want to get my grades up. Could it be because of this game i started playing..? im really addicted to it. i also do all of my homework and do pretty good on them, and i also study for my tests/ quizs, but i fail them, and thats how my grades go down.. And also, my teachers tell me to do something and i don’t do it, they say its because im spaceing out. Basicly, what im trying to say is, how do i stop spaceing out/ being absent-minded?

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yup, its the game. you should try and focus on stop playing it.
and get more focus on doing your work, trust me your gonna regret playing that game.

while doing your work, chew some gum, drink a glass of water (no soda), do arm roll-ups, (if thats what its called)
put your brain to work so it doesn’t start thinking about that game.

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If you think the game is a problem, it probably is.

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Do exercise before you start doing your work so theres more blood flowing in your brain to think clearly.

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Maybe you should quit the game for awhile and go back to your old study habits.:)

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Games like you describe are mindless. It sounds like you have trained your brain to stop doing what it’s made to do, and instead it’s vegging out…So re-train it, the same way you trained it to vege. It also sounds like you were playing this game with an intensity that you normally used for other tasks. You will have to attack your homework with the same or greater intensity to re-train your brain and break the habit. It takes 3 weeks to break a habit.

It also sounds like this game was addictive for you (another reason it’s gonna be a bit hard to break, especially at first). Get your folks to help you.

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It could be the game, but it could be that you are showing signs of ADD. Consider asking your parents to have you tested.

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Is the game really cutting into your sleep time? I always space out and forget to do things when I haven’t gotten enough sleep. Video games and computer games are so addictive that you can stay up all night playing before you know it. If you really want to cut back on your game hours, set an alarm for yourself at night- you have to stop playing and go to bed when it goes off, no excuses. If you can’t do it, ask your parents to help you stop playing so much.

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Put the game away except for weekends.

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