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How do I react if I bump into my ex or his new girl?

Asked by Kokoro (1419points) February 18th, 2010

I look up articles on what to do when you bump into your ex, but most seem to imply that the break up didn’t go as bad as it could. Mine did, and he was abusive, and he begged for me to come back to him and found someone new in a snap.

I just want to be able to prepare myself for IF he tries to talk to me again, or if I bump into them. What should I do? Act cordial? What if he tries to speak with me?

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Carry mace

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Play it off legit.

Treat it like it’s no big deal because you’ve moved on with your life.
It’s true when they say “living well is the best revenge”.

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I always say excuse me when I bump into someone.

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Say hi, how are you? Bye and keep on walking, cause when you thinking about tomorrow you ain’t got time to waste on yesterday.

@Captain_Fantasy Agreed.

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He was abusive?I would not give him the time of day.

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when you run into him, bust a really sick move right in his path so he has to watch you maim the floor he was walking on. there is nothing more satisfying then showing someone up with a cool dance move.

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Be polite if they say something and move on.

Or try reciting Bible passages backwards.

…that always freaks anyone out.

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Politely say hello and walk away

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If he was abusive you either get a flame thrower or I have a friend named Bruno who doesn’t mind cleaning up a mess for a small fee! No discussion needed here.

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This actually just happened to me. He said, Hi Violet, how have you been? I said, fine thanks, and you? And I don’t remember what he said because I was burning up inside.
And that’s it. It was simple, polite, and short.

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Just be polite but very distant.

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Apologise and offer to help him/them back onto their feet.

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You say, “Uh, hello, have we met? Sorry, I can’t remember….”

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Say hello, and walk away.

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@Symbeline , rofl! I wouldn’t say anything, unless I felt like warning her.

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I would say hello shake her hand and say ” thank you” then walk off. she will know what that was for when his ripping into her in a few months.

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