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How much of your childhood dream for your life actually happened?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) February 18th, 2010

Thinking back when you were 10 to 12yr old about, what did you figure your life would be as an adult? You were going to be a movie star, singer in a band, hot shot in pro sports, a powerful lawyer, a dancer etc? Tell the truth, how close to that dream or vision did you get? You may not want to say because only you know all the details of that dream. I personally had a dream of what life would be once I hit an adult, boy was that an awakening because it was not as easy as just dreaming it and it becoming true. Adult life has a way of tossing tons of curve balls you never seen coming. Often time I have to revise the “dream” and to a point still do. Have you?

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Almost none….except I got the girl!!

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It’s currently in the process of happening now.
I went for my dreams and got lucky.

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I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer. I did end up in engineering after majoring in Chemistry. I got married and couldn’t see dragging the family through my time in graduate school. The only jobs around my area for undergraduate chemists were in the fertilizer factories or as paint formulators. Neither sounded appealing, so I went into the electronics industry and ended up designing automation.

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I wanted to be an artist.I am one….I also wanted to fly without the help of an airplane.Hmmm.

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@Vunessuh What is the end goal and how did you get lucky? Was the lucky break getting you closer to the dream you have when you were a kid? Do tell, what is it? :-)

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Growing up I had this dream to become a truly great postman. Unfortunately that aspiration never came to fulfillment.

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@AstroChuck You do work for the Post Office, don’t you?

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Yeah. I’m a mailman.

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@ETpro I wanted (and kinda still want) your job – designing automated processes and robots to do them far faster than any human could. (Some menial, miserable jobs are some things humans shouldn’t do. We all deserve better.)

@lucillelucillelucille Gliders kinda do that; they’re not airplanes…

@AstroChuck, isn’t that one and the same?

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Such a lovely question. I don’t think I got any of my dreams. I need to rethink Life.

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Ummm.. pretty much none of it, other than the getting older part. :(

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I never thought that far ahead. I have been living in the now for so long…

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@Hypocrisy_Central When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a writer of some sort. I grew up being fascinated with films and the film industry so I put two and two together and tried my hand at screenwriting. I’ve written many scripts and had a feature shot last year. Another one is currently in pre-production. I haven’t reached complete success with it, but I’m doing what I love so I’m happy.

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@EgaoNoGenki I actually switched careers about 15 years ago, I got interested in the Internet as a way to find components and engineering data, and then built a website for my engineering firm. Then a friend asked me to build one for him. And before I knew it, i were a Web Developer.

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@EgaoNoGenki- Yes. A postman and a mailman is the same. But what I said was I wanted to be a truly great postman.

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@lucillelucillelucille What type of artist and have you gotten to where you wanted to be atrist wise? I am an artist, made money with it but never gotten to the level of Patrick Nagel, Frank Franzetta, Hajime Sorayama, and a few of my other favorites, Never made it to being a cartoonist like Jim Davis. That facet of life did not come to pass.

@Vunessuh I actually took scriptwritting in college but never followed up. Good for you.

@AstroChuck “saidxwas a truly great postman.” Do that mean you get to ring more than twice? Hee hee hee….....

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…. not 1 thing.

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I wanted the whole fairytale life, I got the complete opposite.

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@Dibley Cheery pair, aren’t we :)

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@TheJoker I guess we are just in the real world!

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@Dibley True… or our version of it at any rate!

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Not really. I wanted to grow up to be a bank robber, I suppose it all worked out for the best.

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I didn’t come close. I had work to do and didn’t get to walk around in kitten heels sipping champagne while my butler fetched the car. My dreams grew up as I did. I have a home which is paid for, I have a happy healthy family and I was able fund some of my child’s dreams. I don’t need a butler and kitten heels would probably look stupid with my Levis.

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@Silhouette It would not look silly if the jeans were adorned with Waterford Crystals, and you can have the state house and butler you just have to figure what everyone else needs and invent it. But as John Lennon said: “Life happens while you are busy making other plans”. For my advice if you happen to get the state house and butlet I wear a black Lamborghini Murciélago with tan leather interior; I will handle the gaz guzzler tax myself. Maybe you can throw in a chilled bottle of Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1940 or earlier. :-)

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So far I don’t have the career I wanted as a child, I don’t have a husband or eight kids (yes, eight), I don’t live on a farm or an enormous statley home and I don’t have a title (ie: Lady). I’m more than fine with the fact that I don’t have any of these things and apart from, maybe, the farm, I don’t want any of them anymore. I am happy to be unmarried (but in a relatinship) without children in my humble flat working a job that I enjoy enough and pays the bills.

The one thing I did get was the dog I always wanted as a child. I have always adored Staffordshire Bull Terriers but was never allowed one as a child (I have always had dogs but never a Staffy). Finally I have one and am not dissapointed at all.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I’ll grab the wine, you grab the glasses.

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At that age, all I ever really wanted was to be a boy. 30 years later all I really want is to be a man. I’m getting there.

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@downtide You never thought about being a smoke jumper, car racer, ship captain or anything when you got older? Not the slightest thought? Really? Not even a policeman?

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@Hypocrisy_Central I vaguely thought about being a horserace jockey, maybe once or twice, but it was never an actual ambition. I’ve never really had any career-orientated dreams at all. I think career-wise my main dream was to just be a lazy bum and not work at all. Or maybe other thoughts took priority over that sort of dream.

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@downtide “my main dream was to just be a lazy bum and not work at all.” BINGO, you really subconsciously wanted to be a rock and roll star! LOL LOL

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My life has been more than I dreamed it would be in many ways. In other ways, not quite what I expected. Thank goodness we don’t know as children what our lives have in store for us.

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I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was 7 until I found out that you had to disect rabbits. Honestly, I stopped making plans after my new years resolution from 2 years ago. I made a joke one to not get fired and I laid myself off 5 months later.

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@py_sue I wanted to do that too when I was in the Navy, but I always thought they got to dissect Marines.

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@ETpro Marines would never allow themselves to be disected by “Squids” Har har har…...

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