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Have you ever sent a dirty text to someone by accident?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) February 18th, 2010

Sooo you send a dirty text to an unintended recipient… totally by accident. Has this ever happened to you? Who did you send it to? Did you cover it up? How? What did it say? What was your reaction?

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I did pass on a joke to the wrong email address once. My email client self completes familiar addresses, but it grabbed the wrong one and I didn’t notice till it was embarrassingly too late.

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Yes….I mailed Caligula to my MIL….IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!!

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At a party where you know you’ll be drinking heavily and/or doing drugs, you should leave 2 things at home:
-Your car keys
-Your cell phone

If you need either of those things, you should rethink the first part.

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No,but I have said bad words to the wrong people.I don’t hide behind texting! ;)

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Yes. I’ve texted my mother drunk before, telling her the events of the previous night.
Because Satan is next to Sarah in my phone.

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@rangerr : oh how i love you!

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Fuck no…Ooops

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@rangerr Just be careful not to send something inappropriate to Santa.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I’d never ruin Christmas for myself!.

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Yes, but only pretending it was by accident. (Revenge is sweet – hot or cold.)

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No, but I sent “I just need to do better than Eric and Cailin and I’m sure I will” to Eric instead of Lindsay (referring to a psychology midterm). That was just yesterday. That’s what I get for texting two people at once. I was so embarrassed. Luckily Eric is the kind of person who makes fun of himself all the time and was not bothered, but I had no idea how I was going to explain that one. As soon as I sent it, it was one of those “NO!!!!!!” hopeless moments where there was no going back. I hate that feeling.

I’ve also received a few dirty texts that I assumed were not meant for me, but a couple I’ve never proved. “let me blow u u kno u want it” (something along those lines, I don’t remember it exactly, this was over a year ago) from my friend Kenna, totally out of character for her. She swears she was drunk and sent it to me on purpose as a joke, but I think otherwise… :P

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I share a pretty fair example of a misdirected text that was actually sent to another jelly here, in the fluther interview @sccrowell and I did. Please see the question: “Have you had any correspondence with Jellies outside of the site?” and do catch the linked screen shot. See ya….Gary/wtf

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No, but I had simular occurrence. Driving with my two sisters in the car, my celphone went off, and I asked my sister to check it for me. She said it was from my girlfriend. I told her to go ahead and check it, as I was waiting for a text from her to find out when we were meeting that night. Turns out she sent me something like “I can’t wait for you to get here so you can ravage me” or something similar. It was the first and only time she’d ever sent me a text message even vaguely dirty, and so of course it had to be the one time my sister checked it for me….

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I haven’t…but once, when I first hired into this place, one of my stranger (odd) co-workers developed a crush on me (I guess.) Well, he wrote up this sexually charged email to send me…..uh. It didn’t come to me. He just typed in “Val….” in the recipient…. and didn’t realize it defaulted to “Valencia” something….which was a huge group mail that included all the big wigs, like the CEO and stuff! I first heard about it because I was getting calls from some of the recipients wanting to know what my “relationship” with him was. They dropped hints that it was pretty “bad,” but no one ever did tell me what was actually said. My manager was informed, and she assured them that there was nothing going on at my end. It was all him and he was a little wacko. When I asked her to tell me what it was about she said, “Oh, Val. You don’t want to know!” YES I DO!! I was really, really curious!
He wasn’t with the company much longer after that.

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Yes and luckily my friends have a good sense of humor, forgiveness and gentle critique.

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I have sent picture of” my girls” to my husbands friend by accident. Never heard the end of that one.

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