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What does the phrase "Taking a trip; not taking a trip." mean?

Asked by Megan64 (5826points) February 18th, 2010

If you can, please explain the origin of this phrase,what it means, and how it became associated with recovery.

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I never went into recovery, but getting high used to be reffered to as “taking a trip,” in the 1970’s anyway. Does it mean taking a vacation sober?

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Or getting high in your kitchen?

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What @faye said. It’s like getting high in your own kitchen.
Or…..It could mean you are taking time off of work and just lounging around home, doing nothing.

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A “trip” was the experience of taking LSD. A person under the influence of the drug LSD, and later other hallucinagins was said to be, “tripping.” “Taking a trip on acid.”
I’ve noticed that the word is used now in a broader sense, in, for example, rap music lingo, “Man, he be trippin’ ” To indicate a person is experiencing some sort of extreme mental state. “He be trippin’ on makin’ money.” etc. In this sense, I think it is synonymous with “obsessing,” but I’m not sure of that.
However, your question is rather vague; no context to associate it with. The word ” recovery” is the only clue; which I assume you mean “recovery” from drug addiction, substance abuse. That’s what I based my answer on.

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Trippin’ on reds, vitamin C and cocaine all a friend can say is ain’t it a shame?!?!?!

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This is a phrase from The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous from the “More About Alcoholism” section.

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It means going to a new place and leaving it all behind.

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Can you use it in context? Where/how did you hear it? Was the person speaking about drugs or something else?

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@ubersiren. It’s a bumpersticker on my neighbor’s car. He’s in AA or NA.

So from what folks have said here, it’s making one’s journey present, and not under the influence.


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Nice, @jshadyjlo nailed it.

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Yes, as in tripping not going on a trip.

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One person had the right answer: it’s a quote from the book Alcoholic Anonymous (the “big book”).

Here’s the entire quote:

“Here are some of the methods we have tried: Drinking beer only, limiting the number of drinks, never drinking alone, never drinking in the morning, drinking only at home, never having it in the house, never drinking during business hours, drinking only at parties, switching from scotch to brandy, drinking only natural wines, agreeing to resign if ever drunk on the job, taking a trip, not taking a trip, swearing off forever (with and without a solemn oath), taking more physical exercise, reading inspirational books, going to health farms and sanitariums, accepting voluntary commitment to asylums —we could increase the list ad infinitum.”

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