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What are some really clever gifts to personalize?

Asked by Violet (6574points) February 19th, 2010

I want to get my boyfriend a personalized gift for his birthday. Not monogrammed, but maybe something I can put a picture on, or his full first name (possibly last).
I don’t want to get him a (beer) mug, a blanket, watch/jewelry box, or photo album
I want to get him something really clever. I saw pillow cases I though would be cute, but I don’t know how how great of a gift that would be for a guy.

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As far as my guy experience goes (which could be considered alot because I am a male myself.) I find coffee mugs to be a right on gift as far as I am concerned. If you were to take my advice, I would think of something he likes, find a website, and then customize the mug along with it. Mugs just, feel right, being able to drink out of a gift…

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I got my husband a flask, and instead of his initials I had it engraved with his gaming name. He loves it!

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Oh how I wish I was not on my phone right now typing. You can search for this via google….
Buy him an action doll made from his face! They are freakin’ sweet. He will lurve you forever.

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@ChaosCross like I said in my details, I don’t want to get him a mug.
@augustlan he already has a personalized flask : (
@judochop that sounds very clever but also expensive

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I think a retro-necklace type thing, for a girl, in those block letters.

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not expensive!!! Ha! Cut and paste on the iPhone, I totally forgot. $25.00

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What I did when I first met my boyfriend was burn a CD for him, with songs on it. They were mostly musical tracks and movie remixes and themes since that’s what he’s into. I wrote a list of all the songs in order, and while it was a lot of work picking good songs and making this work, the first letter of every song spelled out a message from me to him. (I cheated a lot but still lol.)

Denno if that’s the kinda thing you’re looking for, but just thought I’d make the suggestion. He liked it a lot anyway.

Still I don’t have a bf anymore but whatev haha. xD

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How about a jersey or jacket with his name on it of his favorite NBA, NFL, MLB or NHL team.

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@Symbeline I love the idea of a mix cd, but I have no idea how to burn cd’s, and I really don’t know what he listens to.. some kind of rap.
@njnyjobs hmmm… I like that idea. I’ll look into that now. Thank you

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@judochop it costs $375 : (
@katwalk65 like it says in my deals it’s for my boyfriend
@davidbetterman or a belt buckle!! great idea! I’ll look into that

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@Violet , God Dammit. I hate it when that happens. I saw that it is cheap for the bodies but the heads are like $299!!! Sorry.
You can always go get some erotic photography done and framed pretty cheaply. Would he enjoy that?

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@judochop I think he’s love that! But that also sounds expensive.

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Check out these! I reckon the first one sounds fun ;)

Or what about one of these and filling it with photso of you clean and not so clean!

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Carve yours and his name on pretty pebbles and take tune skipping them across the water or use larger one for paper weight keep sakes.

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If he was a smoker I’d say a nice cigarette case. They can be engraved and you really don’t see them that often any more.

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A Parrot? They’re pretty cleaver & you could personalise it by dressing it up a little.

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@TheJoker Parrots are a long term investment and not the type of bird you can just keep in a cage forever and not worry about. Unless someone is really going to treat it well and take care of it, I wouldn’t recommend that.

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@mrentropy I entirely agree… but hopefully it made for an amusing answer :)

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What are some of his favorite movies? If you’re good with photoshop you could put him or both of you into a movie poster and have it printed up.

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If he’s the silly type, you could get him one of those personalized books for kids that has their name and picture throughout the story. I would laugh if I got it! Then I’d read it to everyone I met. LOOK I’M FAMOUSSSS!

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@TheJoker Aside from the fact that there’s no place to engrave on them, I’m all for parrots as gifts. I can’t imagine life without mine. Well, I could, but it makes me sad.

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I thing that vibrator of yours would be a nice personalize gift. ;-)

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@TheJoker: It was neither amusing nor cleaver.

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@TheJoker What have you done now?

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@gailcalled Hehehe, well, each to their own I suppose!

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@Dibley I simply suggested dressing a Parrot up…. perhaps as a Pirate (new idea) would make a cleaver, personalised giftt :)

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@TheJoker Why as a pirate, because that is amusing or clever, a fireman maybe.

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@Dibley No sensible reason, I was just feeling a little piratey, har-har-harrrrr!

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A personalized cleaver would be an interesting gift.

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@mrentropy Ooooh, now you’re onto something…. I think cleavers are ace, there’s almost nothing you cant cleave!

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@TheJoker: OK. It was amusing.

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@gailcalled Hah…. you had me going there too, many thanks for the effective leg-pulling :)

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Like @augustlan, I got my friend an engraved flask for Christmas this year. It had a quote from 30 Rock on it. (You know what family means to me, Lemon? Resentment. Guilt. Anger. Easter egg hunts that turn into knife fights. – Jack Donaghy) He LOVED it. I got it from this site, Kyle Designs, and while it was a bit pricy (well, I thought it was but I’m a poor grad student so “pricy” is relative) it came quickly and was a nice flask. That site has a ton of other things you can customize, too, since you mentioned he already has a flask. They even have a “gifts for men” section on the sidebar.

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Removed by me.

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Does he like any kinds of sports? Most major organizations will have some set of personalizable gear.

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It would help if we knew a bit more about him beyond “male”. And dating you. Having said that, you could go for a customized scent.

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@EmpressPixie Unless the man in question is of the redneck variety, in which case the personalized odor could turn out to be Essence de la bière et les flatulences.

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@mrentropy he doesn’t smoke
@Haleth that is a very cool idea! I’ll look into that (unless you know of a good site?)
@fireinthepriory, like I told augustlan, he already has personalized flasks.
@EmpressPixie I think saying he’s male is enough information. I’ve gotten many great suggestions already

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@Violet Yeah… “That site has a ton of other things you can customize, too, since you mentioned he already has a flask. They even have a “gifts for men” section on the sidebar.” was the end of my previous comment. My comment was a suggestion of the site, not a flask. Didn’t mean for it to be convoluted.

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@fireinthepriory I did look at the site, and they have a lot of nice things, but the items that they can personally engrave are not clever gifts: ID case, toothpick holders, bookmarks, etc. Thank you for the link though. I may use it on another occasion

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I’m not sure if your guy is a romantic type of not, but you could have one of your friends photograph you sitting or lying on the beach next to a heart that you drew in the sand with his and your initials inside of it. Get it printed in either 8×10 or 5×7 at Target or Walmart (for $3 or less) then check out the frames that are on sale. You can usually find one for $5 that you’ll like. Or another idea for the frame is to get a really inexpensive wooden one at Michaels and then glue seashells or beachglass onto it (since it’s a beach theme).

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