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Which phone do you like best?

Asked by killerkadoogen (418points) February 19th, 2010

I asked this before but forget peoples answers except for the Iphone. What is your favorite phone or the one you think is best out there? I don’t need the best really i am just trying to come up with ideas. I am on prepaid right now and either wanna buy a unlocked phone or just go ahead and get a contract..

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I am a fan of the iPhone. I’ve had an iPhone for quite some time now. I love it. I haven’t wanted any other phone since. I like the iPhone because I enjoy the usefulness of many of the apps (such as Yelp which is useful for finding businesses), the Maps (self-explanatory), Shazam (useful for finding music), and various others like AIM, Dictionary, iTranslate, Facebook, Pandora, Weather, etc.

I find the layout for texts (displaying all the texts you’ve sent to a specific person at once), the touchscreen, its dual function as an mp3 player, its internet access ability, etc. to all be reasons why it’s a great phone to have.

It does everything I need it to do (and more), I don’t have a problem with the service, it’s great. The phone itself is actually not that expensive; it’s the service that’s gonna cost you.

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Everything Android

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pay phone (coin-type) at the mall.

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The Western Electric 302.

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Well.. The reason why the iPhone is the best is because it’s innovation totally rocked the entire technological landscape with mobile devices:
1. The multi-touch user interface is one of a kind and matches with apple’s already spectacular OSX operating system. It works very well with the hardware and has virtually no problems running native applications
2. It’s super easy to learn and can almost replace the need for a stand alone computer.
3. All the things you need for day to day stuff is built in. E mail, Rich HTML internet surfing, iPod functions (music and movies), Camera with a gorgeous picture app and lots of widgets like google maps, stocks etc.
4. It has a decent battery life with long talk time in EDGE mode.
5. The virtual keyboard is very easy to use and makes texting actually fun.

A lot of new phones have similar features but you can’t knock the original. If you are really technically savvy you can unlock the iphones making it more customizable and can push the hardware even further to do more.

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I’m still a big fan of the Nokia 3310. Two-tone screen and monophonic ringtones (that you could program yourself!), but that sucker did everything that a phone should AND it had Snake II, Bantumi, a card-matching game, and a ripoff of Space Invaders.

The iPhone’s pretty, but it’s also insanely expensive, unhealthily fragile, and so proprietary that you’re basically renting it from Steve Jobs.

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My own.Why?Because it’s mine see, no one elses.

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They all suck until they are Flash capable (On websites not picture flash, but that would be awesome too). But I like anything with Android, I have the G1, and I may get the Droid next when I switch carriers.

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I like blackberry storm., its good for me.,

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