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If you found out

Asked by kawaii_ninja (402points) March 4th, 2008

What if:
1) You found out someone you know is taking drugs, and isnt showing signs of stopping?
2) You found out your best mate was pregnant at the age of 14–16?
3) If you found out you were going to die soon?

Answer any of the above, i’m just curious ^^

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Ok, my answers:

1) I would probably try and convince them of stopping, or someone who would have a better chance of convincing them…
2) Ask her why the hell she did it, and tell her that i don’t approve of it, but i will help her if she gets into serious trouble.
3) Do all the things i’ve ever wanted to do in my life, but compact them into a tiny aount of time….and probably some other stuff too lol…..

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1. If it’s not affecting his life, or is making his life better, what business is it of mine? Many people I know take legal drugs, from lithium to zoloft to simvastatin, and I don’t see a moral difference between that and illegal drugs.

2. I don’t have any “best mates” under the age of 26–27 or so; I’m well past 14–16, and I don’t relate to people of that age group as equals for the most part. Assuming I did have a “best mate” of that age, I’d try to get her help and counselling so that she can make the best possible decision, knowing that none of the paths away from that situation are likely to be happy ones.

3. Quit my job and get as many of my important projects done as I could.

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1) I don’t really know what I would do. I’ve had friends who have gotten on drugs to the point where they would ask if they could borrow my lawn mower gas. In that situation I told them what I thought and they would just respond horrible. So I don’t know what would work.

2) I understand that teen pregnacy is a huge thing these days but I couldnt really judge I got pregnant at 17 and had my son at 18. I think I would just be supportive. I know I felt like crap.

3) I would probably take things less serious, live in the moment and write letters/videos for my kids bdays until they were 21.

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1) I would probably stop being friends with that person. Everybody knows that drugs aren’t good for you.
2) I would probably tell my friend to get an abortion cause she’s too young to have a baby.
3) if I found out I was about to die I would stay in bed all day and cry until I died

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1) I second cwilbur’s answer. If it doesn’t affect our friendship or their life in any significant way, I’d keep my nose out of their beeswax. If it started affecting them negatively, I’d recommend they seek help. If they refused, I’d have to cut my ties.

2) Mind my own beeswax.

3) Live.

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1 I don’t do drugs but if it was not having an effect on there life I would butt out of there life.
2 Be supportive and help as much as I could
3 Live a full life with my family vacationing and leaving memories for them

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