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What little dog would you suggest me to buy?

Asked by mapa10 (13points) February 19th, 2010

I like yorkshires, cavalier kings charles spaniels, dachshunds very much… I live in a big house with a garden…I’m a 12 year old girl.
Which would you suggest me to buy?

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One that is currently in a shelter.

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West Highland White Terrier

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Do you have the money for a Yorkie?

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I’d suggest a Corgi. Of all the little dog breeds I’ve encountered, they are the best behaved, and will make for a nice lap dog. And yes, please see if you can adopt one, as opposed to buying one from a pet store or a breeder.

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@mapa10 already been mentioned, but shelter dogs make the best pet. Have tried the registered dogs etc and the shelter dogs…the shelter dog has my vote…as the shelter dog really appreciate being loved!

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I would suggest getting a larger dog.

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I recommend a mutt. They are generally more intelegent than purebreds, and have fewer health problems. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, fur types, etc. so you should be able to find a small one that you like. And I agree with dpworkin, get one from a shelter. There is a great feeling that comes from saving a dog from a life in doggy prison. And if you are set on a purebred, get one from a rescue shelter. There are rescue shelters for all breeds. Oh, and get it spayed or neutered.

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bull dog, or else get a real dog. german shepherd or a rot.

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We just got a Pomeranian/Shi tzu/Cairn Terrier puppy. He is such a good dog. I suggest not getting a purebred, though, because purebreds have more health problems than mixes.

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@saro an hot dog or a hot dog?

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I agree with @dpworkin. You will feel so good about yourself if you get one from a shelter or rescue! There are totally adorable mutts as well as purebreds in those places. Look online for what animals are in your area. Many shelters and rescues will advertise what kind of pups they have available and describe their personalities. Do some research and match what kind of dog will suit your lifestyle. Do you want an energetic dog or a lapdog? Will there be someone home to take care of the dog regularly or do you need a more independent cat dog that can make it a whole day without being let outside? Are there other pets in the house? Small children? Etc… Go to the American (or wherever you live) Kennel Club website to find ALL this info. You will find on that site, info about the breeds as well as shelters in your area.

Do. Lots. Of. Research.

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shelters ae full of purebred dogs big small any size you want. save a life and get a great dog all at the same time. breeders are killers :) -plus shelter dogs usally have the best dogs

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A cat….. if you want a dog, get a real full-sized one!

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I have to say, the cutest little dog I ever saw was a dachshund/chihuahua mix – so tiny, friendly and adorable. I wanted to steal him and name him THOR

I agree with getting a rescue dog. Both of my dogs were rescues and (after they got over previous abuse :<) they were the best dogs in the universe. Just make sure you and your parents asses any dog’s psychological state before you make a commitment. Some people out there treat animals really, really horribly.

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Whatever you do not get a Chihuahua they are a royal pain in the @$$ ,very needy,need to be held 24/7 !

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I agree with everyone who advised you to go to a shelter. If you’re looking for a particular breed, you can try a rescue group, for that breed. Click here for a list of rescue groups, by breed.

@lovemypits86 – puppy mills are killers and, unfortunately, that’s where most pet stores get their dogs from. Most serious breeders care a great deal about their animals and will not over breed their dogs.

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Border terriers are smart, loyal, well behaved and fun.

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Jack Russell Terrier (IF you can get one from the dog pound). Definitely take everyone’s advice and save a dog instead of buying one.

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@ChazMaz: Mad lurve!

Westies are loyal, friendly and can take care of themselves. They are wonderful dogs who will live for a very long time. You can’t go wrong with a Westie!

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Have you considered a Papillon?They are very cute:)

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@lucillelucillelucille papillons are adorable. though the one i knew had a thing for barking at every single squirrel he saw lol

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yes obviously a rescue

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I want to get a Chinese Crested but they’re pretty expensive and I’ve heard can be a lot of maintenance. They need sunscreen, moisturizer, sweaters and they sweat (unlike other dogs that pant to sweat, they actually sweat). But I think they’re absolutely adorable.
The best thing to do though is to get a dog from a shelter. They need a home and love too.

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Getting a rescue dog is a lot of work. We looked into it in the process of getting a dog. They have to do all these home visits and everything, almost like you’re adopting a kid. Getting a dog from a shelter is a lot easier and they need homes just as much as a rescue dog.

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The one with the waggly tail.

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@ucme That made me smile… :)

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@ChocolateReigns Well then my time here was not wasted.Pleased to hear it ;¬}

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Get to know the breeds a little first, because they have different personalities -but out of those I would suggest either the KCCavalier or the dachshunds, the latter are possibly the smartest. Whatever you pick, I’m sure it will be a darling little dog! Best of luck and enjoy your new pup!

oh, and corgis are very smart and full of energy, but also quite big – I would not consider them a lap dog, but a very nice dog nonetheless

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@tragiclikebowie -I have a German Shepherd that does the same thing!Lol!

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Of the ones you mentioned, I would choose the King Charles Spaniel hands down. A friend has one and it is the best dog ever. My daughter asks to go see him all the time and when we got a dog she said she wanted him. He is well behaved, smart, affectionate, cute.

Rescue dogs are great, though. :-)

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@Supacase: King Charles’s are wonderful dogs. They certainly can’t be classified as “dogs that aren’t real dogs.” I have known a few in my life and they are tough, sweet little dogs.

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This depends on your lifestyle. Since you are 12 and have a big yard, a Jack Russell would probably suit you. Jacks are active, and love a game, but they can also snuggle up to you on a chair. They need a fair bit of attention and firm but kind discipline. They also need a secure yard (because they chase things) and supervision when they get near cats, rabbits and other small pets (because they chase things). However, they CAN get along with other pets if properly socialised. I live with 5 Jacks. It’s fun.

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I love my bichon frise. She’s six months old and about 6.5 pounds. She’s funny, affectionate, and extremely playful. I always look forward to going home from work and seeing her.

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Bichons are great dogs. The first time I saw one, I thought it was like Bob Ross in dog form. But they are just adorable and really intelligent dogs. Plus they’re hypoallergenic, which can be a huge bonus.

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@ridicawu Who’s Bob Ross?

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He’s known for painting happy trees.
EDIT: here’s a sample of Bob Ross magic.

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