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Tiger Woods has talked to the media, good or bad idea?

Asked by CMaz (26288points) February 19th, 2010

So he apologized. Looked all serious into the camera when saying that he was sorry.

Was it necessary? Is it really any ones business but his and his family?

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What a wanker. No his penis is none of my business and none of my concern.

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He’s got a brand to protect, and I am sure he is following the instructions of his highly trained public relations team.

Personally, I couldn’t care less. It’s no one’s business but his and his family’s, and he will either prove himself to be decent to his wife or not.

John O’Hara, the poet, once said that a couple is a man and a woman, and no one on earth knows what goes on between them.

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it is between him and Elin! none of my business!

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I heard his voice (t.v. on in the staffroom) and it made me throw up in my mouth a little.

I’m sick of hearing his name.

In other words, I could care less.

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It’s just more celebrity distraction posing as news.

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It is nobody else’s business. The media took this story about his personal life way too far. I’m glad that he brought up one important thing in his speech; his golfing career (and his eventual return to it). That is the only part of it that should have any bearing in the public’s eye. What he does in the bedroom is completely irrelevant.

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He wasn’t apologizing to me…I don’t sleep with him.

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Who’s Tiger Woods?

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@Kiev749 Contact Howard Stern. He’s holding a Mistresses of Tiger Woods contest. The winner receives $100,000.

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@SABOTEUR no contest. I’ll split it with you!

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I agree that it’s no one’s business but their’s & I certainly don’t care one way or the other. But I think he HAD to do this in order to get on with things. There’s too many rumors & too much speculation going around for him to just let it lay. As a public figure who’s lived a good part of his life in front of the cameras, he needed to do this. Whether or not he’ll hold up to his new promises will remain to be seen in the future.

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@jmah Or perhaps you couldn’t care less.

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ah. thanks for the correction @jfos.

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@erichw1504 Not who ,what.It’s a new driver they just brought out.They’ll all be carrying one in the future.

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@jmah I was merely making a suggestion. =D

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@jfos haha, that’s cool. ‘Twas a typo. =)

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I thought he had a very, very good speechwriter. Other than that, whatevs. He’s an adult and what he does with his wang and other consenting adults is none of my bidness.

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Instead of apologizing for what he did, he should be apologizing for what he didn’t do. He didn’t tell his wife that he wanted out so he could be with others. If he just would have done that, he could have saved himself from this whole mess. He just would have been known as another divorced celeb. instead of a huge coward.

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Looked to me like he was just trying to save his Golf career. If he truly loved his wife and thought anything about her feelings, he wouldn’t have fucked 1 of them, nevermind all 50! He looked like a pathetic wimp of a man up there.

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He should apologize for diverting attention from real news.

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Sounds like he is on his 5th step. Good, if he means it.

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He looked pretty darn miserable.

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