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Wholphin DVD Magazine?

Asked by trumi (6486points) February 19th, 2010

A friend just let me borrow the first 8 issues of Wholphin DVD Magazine! I’m super excited to get started, but I just don’t know where to begin. I’ll probably end up watching the whole lot… But also, my girlfriend doesn’t always appreciate films that are boring, and I’d like to watch some with her.

So, two part question:
– What is your favorite episode/issue/piece from Wholphin so I can dive right in? (Get it, dive?)
– What should I watch with my girlfriend that she’ll actually like?

My girlfriend likes more mainstream exciting stuff, her favorite films are:
Europa! Europa!, Fly Boys, Halloween, Memento, Joyeux Noel, October Sky, Sprited Away, The Butterfly Effect, and Pulp Fiction.
Her favorite TV shows are:
Scrubs, House, L&O SVU, CSI, Fringe, and anything on the SyFy Channel or the Food Network.

Feel free to just talk about your experience with Wholphin if you’d like, I don’t think there have been any Fluther discussions about it.


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Hmmm. I remember seeing a short film on one of the DVDs about children that was filmed in Australia. It’s called TWO CARS, ONE NIGHT by Taika Waititi. That was something really special. It’s on Volume 4. Unfortunately for you, (and me :/ ) I never got to see any of the others.

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In one of my film classes we just watched La Chatte Andalouse, another piece from the fourth volume, which was very cool. It alludes to, both explicitly and implicitly, a lot of different artists and art movements, so if you enjoy modern/postmodern art and/or art history it’s very much worth seeing.

Which I guess means I should start on volume 4 huh?

PS: no longer with that girl, so please disregard that portion of the question.

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