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Why do I not get service anymore?

Asked by kayyyyleigh (404points) February 19th, 2010 from iPhone

i’ve had AT&T for over a year and me and both of my parents have iPhones. recently the service at our house improved tremendously, and we would occasionally get 3G.

but the past two days, my phone will get one or two bars, where as my parents get 3G.

did I do something wrong? is there a solution?


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This seems like a problem that AT&T should be able to fix or inform you on. Call them.

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Did you get any snow in the past few days? If so, that could have caused outages.

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thank you for your answers(: but as I just figured out, the reason it didn’t work was becuase of a gum wrapper in my case? haha

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Don’t you throw away gum wrappers usually? Do you collect them or something?

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Open your case, and see if a gum wrapper has found its way in. That could be blocking the signal.
oh, already did that? glad I could help

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@Fred931 I just put it inside the case cause it was a pretty blue color and my case is clear. lol.

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