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If you were given a large mass of land, and were told that you were in charge of running it, how would you proceed?

Asked by jfos (7362points) February 19th, 2010

Assuming that this landmass is large enough to accommodate a functioning society, how would you run it? What form of government would you install, if any? Would you create your own? If so, what would it be like?

Also, what would your main laws be? I know that there are many possible laws/rules/regulations/duties, but what would some of your core ones be? How would these be enforced?

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No government. Free beer for all. The right to bear free beer. Covet thy beer.

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I’d give it to the Nature Conservancy. Your questions give me a big headache. I couldn’t do that work. It could be a big huge park.

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I would buy a riding lawnmower.

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I’d put up a big tall fence and a hammock. My job is done! No government or religion needed!

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Depending on its location, I may create an ahupua’a.

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I like to fantasize about stuff like this. My friend and I had an elaborate scheme we enjoyed exploring years ago along this vein. We decided we wanted a Renaissance-style community, very simple, friendly, and with only the most necessary of modern conveniences. Kind of like a Ren Faire commune, only I’d be the queen and make the rules. Haha.

Lately, I’ve enjoyed fantasizing about living in an Amazon warrior kind of society.. female-centric, self-sufficient, etc. I’d be in heaven, hee hee.

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Donate to the local park system with a clause for my little corner with a cabin to live in for the rest of my life- then my part goes to the park as well! like having a big green back yard and don’t have to mow…

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big vegetable and fruit farm. The people would be my worker’s and their families. Friends would be allowed. I’m the boss!!, sun, wine, cheese , work, satisfaction.- maybe some goats and chickens, ducks, geese, horses for pleasure. Woe, I could just add things for hours!

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I would build the longest and biggest rollercoaster on Earth. The trip from beginning to end will last so long that there will be an intermission for you to get your 8 hours of sleep.

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Step 1: clothing optional.

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Oh Ga! First time I glanced at this I read, ”....and you were in charge of ruining it….”! I thought, “I’m not going to answer that question!”

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I would have a dirt bike.

Just stay out of my way!

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@ChazMaz humph. So you read ruin instead of running too, didn’t you!

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Ok @jfos ; You, several friends come over and we build energy efficient homes, plant food crops, cows, sheep and chickens, have six wives each and sell the surplus on the road along the edge of the property and from the outside appear relaxed all the time!

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@phil196662 Now that’s more like it.

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@jfos ; you do understand how the relaxed part happens? and Imagine all those curves covered in dirt and shirts wet from sweat…

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I’d have a troop of monkeys help me run our Banana Republic, keep the peasants in line.

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I’m eager to read Anon_Jihad’s answer.

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I’d just find some way to invest in it and become filthy rich.

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I have such a landmass, and it has a single-family Cape style house on it. I rule with an iron fist.

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Fine. I didn’t understand the rules.
I would SELL it to the Nature Conservancy for $1.

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I’d give it back to the people after installing these laws:

Never cause loss.
Never cause harm.
Never infringe on the life or freedom of any other individual.
Never let a central banking system take over the creation of currency with a fiat money supply.
And above all, never remove any of the above laws.

Assign a sovreign representative that can never be removed. (this doesn’t have to be a person, tho I use the term ‘PERSON’ very loosely!)

As for government, who the fuck wants to be governed?
All we need is public sevants.

There are those who serve, and those who choose not to.

There is no cause more selfless, noble or patriotic than to serve, and serve for the common good of your fellow sovreigns.

I’m sure theres plenty more to add, but I can’t think of them right now (Vodka muddles the mind!)

Anyhoo, cheerie pip an ooooooooorrrrfffff to beddington.

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I’m the queen and all must do as I say.

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I would be diplomatic and fair. I’d use many laws that are currently incorporated in today’s society and I’d have a police force that was well trained and disciplined in enforcing those laws with the police force themselves being strictly accountable for following them too. No one is above the law.

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I’ll be apart of the Amazon warrior society with MissAnthrope…

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@jjmah I thought you could be in my Court.

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@tinyfaery I have a little boat, see, and I travel back and forth.

The must do as you say, I’m totally down with that..

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I’d rent it out as a farm to earn money off of it as well as still have the land to sell later.

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What will you have me do first, your Highness?

No cleaning out stalls, nor sweeping out the turrets, m’lady. No can do. Sorry.

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Hire a foreman

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