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What did you think of Tiger Woods public apology today?

Asked by plethora (9577points) February 19th, 2010

I’m interested in your gut reaction to what he said and how he said it, as well as why he said what he said in the way he said it and in the forum in which he said it. That enough qualifiers? Thanks

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Though scripted, it seemed genuine. It was pretty honest – like when he said he felt “entitled” to cheat and enjoy himself.

I think he’s gonna win the people back. He’s only a man after all. I think in some twisted way, people will like him even more. His mistakes make him more human, easier to relate to. Not that this is one I wish he made….

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I think it is ridiculous that he had to make a public apology. It’s really just between him, his wife, and his sponsors. I think the main emotion that came through was anger though, at the paparazzi. It felt strangely robotic, but it’s not like he really likes being in the spotlight. All this focus on celebrities is crazy.

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First, I don’t care. Famous people are human too, so the only apology he owed was to his wife, anything else just precaution. Couldn’t care less whether he meant it or not, although he seemed genuine. I don’t care if it’s “scripted”—many people express themselves best writing their feelings first.

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I was surprised at how inclined I was to believe his sincerity. Much like his wife, though, I will be waiting for his future behavior.

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I think he did what any guy would do to save 100 million in endorsement deals….

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I didn’t watch it or read a transcript or anything, and I won’t. It’s none of my business. He doesn’t owe me or his fans or his sponsors or anyone other than his wife a damn thing. I’m thoroughly annoyed by the overwhelming media coverage. There’s more important shit going on in the world, people. Seriously.

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Sounds to me like he is on his 5th step.
I hope he is being genuine, but it’s weird seeing someone worth a billion trying to be contrite.

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Couldn’t care less because Tiger doesn’t owe me shit.

Let him take care of his private life privately.

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I am really annoyed that The View is always the show that gets interrupted. I guess for the president I can make an exception, BUT for Tiger. I mean breaking news used to mean we were going to war or there was some grave tragedy, God forbid, but to interrupt regular programming for this crap, pisses me off.

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Not much. He wouldn’t have done if he didn’t have to. I’m really tired of the media sticking it’s nose up the ass of celebrities and politicians.

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I kept yelling ‘shut up’ at the stupid shit he said.

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I didn’t listen to his apology since he didn’t owe me one.

He neither f*cked me nor f*cked around on me so we good.

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Reminded me of Bill Clinton. Why do we care about these people’s personal lives as long as they keep doing what they’re good at. I could feel remorse, though it was a little disconnected ‘cause that’s how he seems to be.. whether it was remorse for hurting his image, remorse for his wife, the other women, his mother, or his kids…who knows.

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It’s none of my business, can’t understand why the media has made such a big deal of the whole matter, it’s between the man and whoever else is involved in his life so give them the privacy they need to work through it.

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Don’t care. I think it’s pathetic they’re wasting air-time on this.

Shut up and play golf you self-absorbed motherfucker.

of course, the truth is, if the public didn’t care about this crap, they wouldn’t air it, I suppose

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@cprevite That’s the whole thing. When this mess got started on Thanksgiving night, the media went nuts. Every news show had it on. Every magazine ran it on the front page. Look at how many times People magazine had him on there. NOW, they’re going to be following his every move until there’s nothing else to report. Because they know the public will eat it up.

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cringeworthy, he is a super-brat

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This is only an issue because Tiger Woods is the best player in the history of golf.
Let’s look at John Daly, who in the past has been spotted passed out drunk in the parking lot of a Hooters, has cheated on his wife, AND forbids her to even attend the matches he is playing in. Where’s the public outrage there?

The media put Woods up on a pedestal in the first place and now that’s he’s fallen from his lofty perch they’re the same ones waiting at the bottom to feed on the flesh of his disgrace. He’s not human to them. He’s only a commodity.

So while Tiger’s actions are deplorable, this whole public spectacle is totally unnecessary.

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It’s unnecessary, he should apologize to his wife for being unfaithful, and his family for the shame he’s brought on them.

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Honestly, I thought “Who gives a shit?” and then I thought “What’s the point of a public apology? It’s none of the public’s business who he screws.”

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I always liked poor old Tom

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Nothing; who cares really?

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Why is what this guy does with his penis newsworthy?

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I felt embarrassed honestly. This was none of my business to begin with and I sure as hell don’t need an apology. I tried to get away without watching it but it was on every channel I usually watch, ESPN, CNN, BBC news etc.

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@FutureMemory: Now if he could drive a ball with his penis, that would be news.

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Think his public apology was all about $$$$$. He didn’t have to apologise publicly to his wife and family. That should have been done in private.

His apology was all about winning back the sponsorships and clawing back more dollars.

Only time will tell whether he is sincere and genuinely remorseful.

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@gemiwing @partyparty Agree with both of you. The thing that struck me most, whatever his reasons might have been, was how incapable he is of showing emotion. Of all places, this was the place to show emotion, even if he faked it. If that was a bid to keep sponsors, and I think it was, I think it was a failure.

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@plethora I think it was just a public relations stunt, nothing more, nothing less.

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I think the public and the press owes him an apology. I cannot understand the press’s interest and the constant hounding of people that are famous.

I think that he is probably a nice guy with a problem that is between him and his wife. I make it a policy to never read about “celebrity scandals”.

If you want to read about celebrities, the AARP magazine did a nice piece about Dennis Quaid working to prevent hospital mistakes. I would rather read about well known people trying to do good things rather than delving into their private lives.

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