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Anyone out there have a good recipe for Black Forest Cake?

Asked by babygalll (2768points) February 19th, 2010

The question says it all! Looking for a recipe for Black Forest Cake. Did a search, but would rather have one that someone has tried.

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I don’t, but I can’t wait to see the answers. Great question!

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Check out these recipes, and be sure to read the reviews, here. Some of the cake recipes on here are lame because they call for cake mix (what is the point of having a recipe if you’re just going to use pre-made crap, I don’t know…), but I’ve found a few good cake recipes on there.

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Ditto what @dpworkin said! Yum, I can’t wait, I love Black Forest cake.

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One of my favorites! Tomorrow is my birthday and I requested this cake! Nobody in my family has a recipe for it!

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You might want to use an Austrian recipe and use a ton of “RUM”
“Auf wiedersehen”

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We used to do two chocolate cake layers with cherry pie filling in the middle.

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I make a version of it with 4 layers of dark chocolate cake, coffee cream filling and cherry filling, icing and more cherries. I made it up to be anniversary cake- divorce- my birthday cake.

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Do you mind sharing the recipe?

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Can you wait til tomorrow when I would be happy to? I was at the pub this evening-won pork chops in the meat draw!

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