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Do you ever feel like one of those people that always has strange things happen to them?

Asked by knitfroggy (8959points) February 19th, 2010

I was asleep in my recliner about 4am. I woke up because I thought I heard someone beating on my door. I jumped up and ran to look out the door, but didn’t see anything. I thought Oh, I just had a dream. Then the door bell rang and I could see a cop looking in my front window. I opened the door and went out on the porch to see why a cop was beating my door down at 4am. He told me that a dog had been fighting a possum in my back yard. The possum was injured so he shot it. Apparently after he shot it, it ran under the woodpile in my yard. He just wanted to make sure the gunshot didn’t frighten us. I said, no, I didn’t hear the gun shot, but you’re door banging frightened me! He was going to be in my yard looking for the possum, so he could get rid of it. I thought it was all really strange and random. I told the cop to go ahead. I talked to him a couple more minutes and went back to sleep. Don’t ask my why or how the cop knew a possum and a dog were having a death match in my yard. I’m guessing someone heard it and called the cops? I’m clueless.

I called my grandma and was telling her about it after I woke back up this morning. And then it hit me. I was dead asleep when the cop knocked on the door. It never occured to me at the time, but I stood on my porch and talked to him for several minutes in a tshirt and underwear! Grandma said you didn’t realize that you were in your unders? I said, No, I just kept thinking about how cold my feet were!

Does weird stuff like that ever happen to you? Everyone I told this story to laughed and said, That could only happen to you. Do you have any examples?

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What a weird, and entertaining, story.

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No strange things ever happen to me. I’m the guy that makes them happen to everyone else.

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I’ve been close to death many, many times. Every time, something strange or unusual has intervened to prevent me from dying. So yes, I suppose you could say that I’m one of those people who has strange things happen to them… or who just have a ton of guardian angels! : D

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I know I am.LOL! I had a man walk into my house and upstairs into the bathroom where I was taking a shower!I heard something,whipped back the curtain thinking it was my husband.It wasn’t.It was a guy mumbling about someone trying to kill him and guns!I lost it,and yelled him out of my house and outside.This is where is gets weird.I called the cops who came and asked what he looked like….well,as I yelled him out of the house I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures!So….one of the officers followed me upstairs to the computer where I printed out an 8×! They could hardly keep a straight face at this point.They eventually got him and took him away to be evaluated.They deemed him A-OK! It turned out that he lived behind me with his mother and I had NEVER seen him before that day.WTH?
I ended up going to court for a restraining order and the prosecutor showed me the photo of that goofball with a snicker.The crazy thing was,I had two German Shepherds at the time,safely in the yard while he walked in the front door and my gun was no where near me.Yes,strange things happen to me.Oh,I called my brother that same day all freaked out.He asked if the guy saw me naked.I told him yes.He said,“Don’t worry ,he won’t be back.!Lovely. lol!

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Damn! Shower stories are THE WORST!

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One night when I was home alone with my young kids I thought I heard voices outside. The more I strained to hear them the more frightened I got.

When I had just about convinced myself that I was hearing things…flashlights slipped over my windows and around my yard. Now I’m really freaking out. So I call 911 and tell them there is someone outside my house!

While I’m still on the phone with the operator the super bright lights of the police chopper start sweeping my house and yard. So I tell the operator all of this and all she will say to me is “we are working on a situation at that address” I’m all but hollering “WHAT SITUATION??? I’m in the house, I see the flashlights, hear the guys talking and clomping around and now a helicopter! Help! (All the while thinking the creepy horror movie thought “the bad guy is in the house with me”, you know the ole “the call is coming from inside your house…whooo, oooooo!)

Finally the operator realized that her reticence was about to get someone shot and told me..the lights outside the house were officers and the “perp” they were pursuing was a renegade…..cow.

Yup, Bessie had escaped from a nearby cattle lot and was churning her butter up and down my street and around my yard!

I hung up but I was so amp-ed I didn’t sleep a wink the rest of the night.

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LMAO!I don’t know what to say! :D

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Great stories!

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@lucillelucillelucille @knitfroggy – If the police had had any idea of how close they came to getting shot they’d still be telling this story.

I swear looked like a hopped up Barney Fife in a nightie and all it would have taken was a few more seconds of uncertainty for me to come out gun shaking blazing. :)

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Wow. That’s all I can say.

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Loose cows and possums. Sounds like a night in a Milwaukee bar….

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@Merriment I have a mental picture of Barney Fife in a white cotton nightgown begging Andy for his bullet! Hahaha!

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@knitfroggyI shit you not, that is exactly what you would have seen that night, except I had twice as many bullets as Barney, and half as much composure :)

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@Merriment That’s how I would be too. Especially if I had a gun! That makes me think about when I moved out on my own and I kept a big knife in between my mattress and the box springs. It made my mother so nervous! She told me to put it away! If someone broke in to my little house they’d take it away from me and kill me with it!

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