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If you rent, do you feel like you should pay a little less for the month of February?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) February 19th, 2010

It’s three less days than January or March.
It’s 10% less month. Why not pay 10% less rent?

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If we were going to split hairs and figure out rent down to the day, they’d probably just make it up so you end up paying the same amount by the end of the year. Bastards.

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As a renter, I’d say, what a great idea. As a landlord, I’d say, I don’t think so.

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Renting is weird that way! I mean you move in and the first month is pro rated if you don’t actually move in on the 1st and your last month is also pro rated but they want the same amount all the other months when some are longer. We’d all probably be complaining if we paid per day instead.

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I feel like I should pay less every month, no matter how many days are in it. Paying rent sucks. I mean with all the rent I’ve paid here I coulda bought the whole fucking building already.

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I don’t know. Should you pay more for the months that have 31 days than you do for the months that have 30 days?

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you and @lillycoyote both make valid points

I’m not a maths person, so for me I prefer the convenience of paying the same amount month to month, and not having to adjust for longer/short months. Call me lazy :P

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I’m not too good at math either, but I have my trusty calculator. Say your rent is $750 a month (or for @mcbealer perhaps pounds, since you used the term “maths” instead of “math” which makes me think you might be from some sort of Britishy place. :) But I’ll use dollars because it’s easier for me).

$750 a month rent is $9000.00 a year or about $24.6575343465824.66 dollars a day which I will round up to $24.66 a day (equalling $9000.90 a year)

That makes your rent

$25.00 a day for 30 month days

$24.19 a day for 31 month days

26.79 a day for a non-leap year February

25.86 a day for a leap year February

I think it all evens out. Anyway, most nice, decent, places at least houses and apartments or flats, charge by the month, not the week, the day or, god forbid, by the hour. :) Stay a way from those places.

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Your landlord likely uses the fiscal calendar – a system whereby each month is 30 days long – for rent.

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If that trend started then most likely employers would also start paying less for February. I don’t fancy that idea at all.

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I own several apartment buildings and would love to charge you less for February. Of course, I will need to charge you more for January, March, May, July, August, October and December.

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