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How do I get Microsoft word back?

Asked by GentleDiplomat (76points) February 20th, 2010

I was recently cleaning out files on my computer, and accidently deleted Microsoft word I started school and I am going to be using this program again soo, how can I retreive it?

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Hmmm, perhaps do a system restore. If you have the Office disc you could also re-install. If none of these things work, I don’t know. But a system restore tend to take care of many things when you have by mistake done something like this. I have many times.

There are also other great tools to use in case your Word is forever gone. Web based Google DOcs, Zoho, Open Office etc.

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Try a system restore, can’t guarantee it’ll work as it depends where the folder ended up, but it’s worth a try.

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Try what the others have said. You obviously don’t have the software. You might find Microsoft Works for a cheap price; some copies include Word. Also, the word processing software in Open Office is just like Word and compatible with Word documents. It’s free—look on CNET.

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Ditto on the Open Office. It does the same thing at a price that can’t be beat.

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OpenOffice rules, especially for the price, but I prefer to get my software straight from the source, so I included the link.

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Dang, just got here and you guys all beat me to the OpenOffice suggestion.

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Thank you to all!

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How do I restore my computer? I’ve never done it before.

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@jerv Thanks for adding the better link for him.

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@GentleDiplomat You would have to backup and reinstall everything on your computer if you were to restore it. Just get OpenOffice; it has the whole suite of MSO programs’ equivalents and you can save each file on there as a MSO-format file.

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