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Ladies: What kind of facial hair (if any) do you prefer on another male?

Asked by PhillyCheese (655points) February 20th, 2010

Well anyone can answer this.
Its just a basic curiosity, I know some that prefer a full beard and some that like a baby face, what do you like?

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It really depends on the face. In general though I prefer no beard.

I like what George Stroumboulopolous has. See here—>

But then again, he’s just really hot to me so I don’t know. Haha.

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Well, I’m a dude attracted to dudes and I generally prefer a “baby face” (This is the look my boyfriend has. My boyfriend shaves every now and then, but his facial hair is just quite faint and it’s really only on the sides and it doesn’t show up much at all. Most of the time his face is just smooth and you can’t tell he even has facial hair. It doesn’t show up on the front of his face). Stubble is fine; one of the hottest guys I know frequently has a bit of stubble, but it never gets any more than that. Full-on beard I don’t really like and mustache, not at all.

(I really have no facial hair at all, by the way. I’ve never even shaved before. Just doesn’t seem to be happening. I consider that a good thing. :)

Stuff like this is fine, but he would look really good with it shaved off in my opinion.

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It depends on the man and how he looks with or without facial hair, but I do like my husband’s beard.

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When I started dating my boyfriend 1.5 years ago I was crazy about full beards but now I can’t stand them. Currently I have a thing for the goatee/moustache combo. I change my mind a lot on the subject

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It’s all down to the person with the facial hair and your own personal opinions on what you like.
The same with hair styles, all different styles suit all different types of people. If you look manly a bit of stubble is ok, if not just shave it’s the save and normally best opinion.

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Heh heh – you asked on “another” male. Do ladies prefer more hair on their first male, less on their second… or vice versa?

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Like this (lol!) or this.

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My boyfriend shaves everyday and I like it towards the end of the day when it’s a bit stubbly. It makes him look rugged withoout being unkempt. I’m not a fan of moustaches and beards though.

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On “another male?”

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I don’t like any…a 5 o’clock shadow is a different story

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I like what suits a guy, e.g. Rowan Atkinson looked his best, I thought, when he had the beard in Blackadder II, becuase it hid his weak chin. The second best was when he had the moustache in Blackadder IV, which drew attention away from his weak chin.

In general, I am not a beard fan, though I do like a nice bit of sideburns on a guy.

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I prefer clean shaven, although I can deal with anything other than a full mountain-man beard (saving that lunch for later?) or a plain mustache (which always looks like the nose hair striking out to colonize the upper lip).

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it depends on the guy, but i love the scruffy look on most, but cleaned shaved is pretty cute too!

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I prefer clean shaven on my males. 5 o’clock shadow hurts my skin.

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I like a 5 o’clock shadow or a day or two of stubble. Something about a guy that looks a bit careless or messy is really sexy.

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Sorry. For the males here, I meant to ask what kind of facial do you prefer on yourself

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On myself I prefer a goatee. Real men have facial hair.

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