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Where are they now?

Asked by Zen_Again (9901points) February 20th, 2010

I was answering an old question circa 08 and, as I often do, click on the asker’s profile to see whether they are even still fluthering. In some cases they are, in some they are not. This is natural, of course.

I often wonder about the young kids in high school or college, who ask some questions about homework, or even about fluther itself – people I am not familiar with here – and wonder how they are today. Did those homework answers help and have they since graduated? Did that question about fluther’s community peak your curiosity and make you stay here years later?

I’ve been here for about a year, and I am old – so I haven’t changed all that much (well, I smell worse and I’m a little wrinklier). But those of you who have been here for years now, even on and off, have changed much – and grown – with fluther in your background (or even more than that).


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I refuse that this question become an orphan.


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I don’t think I’m old enough in Fluther years to give you my story as such… but even so I’ve changed dramatically in the past year and I’ve never been part of an internet community that has integrated into my life like Fluther… I truly think this is a spectacular place to be! I think most people I have attachment to are still on Fluther and that comforts me no end…. I might go back through my old questions though and have a look actually… that would be fascinating…

GQ by the way!! xxx

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I have seen so many people come and go. It makes me sad to see some of the old questions and some of the regular people who are no longer here.

On the other hand, some people, like phoenyx, for example have come back.

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Just a quick note, but you can see deleted profiles by adding /questions onto the end of the users link, like this one for Bri_L. That’s one way to find out about older flutherites,

I do wonder the same thing, though. GQ.

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I left a while ago and I was in this site right after they did their big re-design. I check back maybe once a month but refrain from answering. The reason: my own life is too out of control for me to be answering questions on websites.

As to where I’m at: I was in HS when i joined. I’m a sophomore in college now. In terms of life in general, it’s been a huge mess in the past year (but there’s hope cause somethings will change drastically tomorrow).

No offense, but this site hasn’t really affected me much in real life.Why? I usually never get too attached to websites. The only site that i can probably say affects my day-to-day life is Facebook but thats cause I interact with my real life friends on it.

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@mirza Great to see you back if only for a moment! I’m sorry that your life has been tough this past year. Hopefully, this will pass.

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We used to get homework questions daily on Answerbag. And I’ve wondered the same thing. Alas, most homework querients log on once, ask their question, read all their snotty answers (“Do your own bloody homework!”) and leave…

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I guess all the homework crowd out grew fluther!

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um… incidentally… where’s asmonet these days….?

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I’ve been here less than a year, but hope to be here for many years to come! I have no life!

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@lynneblundell She pops in every now and again. Message her, and she’ll definitely reply when she gets the time. I just had a PM convo with her about a week ago, probably.

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I had supposed that anyone who stopped posting was dead.

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There are cycles of folks coming and going. Many do return. I took of half a year once.

I do miss several though who just got too busy with life:

Tao- maybe this is a good thing as we used to get into trouble together- ;)
The_Compassionate_Heretic funny and informative.
Spargett- Restorer of vintage motorcycles
Jayne- he still pops in once in a while but his way of really bringing a question around to see a new perspective makes him a favorite of mine.

There are quite a few more. I just keep hoping they log in and see a question they cannot resist answering.

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Hello! :D

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!!! HELLO!!!! xxxxx

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I miss dynamicduo. :(

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What’s up with the Canuck anyway?

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Anyone heard from dpworkin’?

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Yes I have. He decided to take a break from the collective.

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Be sure and tell him that he is missed. He is a true ‘character’ in the kindest sense of the word.

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