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What are some suggestions for a dessert i can make for the office birthday party?

Asked by jca (36005points) February 20th, 2010

our office has a birthday party for about 12 people who were born in February. i don’t want to bring cake, because there will be several. i am a reasonably decent baker, and it can be something totally from scratch or it can be a “semi-homemade” thing. it can be any dessert including cupcakes, except for a cake (for the cynics, i know cupcakes are cake, but they’re a little different).

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Brownies or cookies. I really like choc-oat-chip cookies. You could also do ginger sugar cookies, they are a real treat and quite easy.

Edited to add: A Google of ginger sugar cookies seems to think I mean ginger cookies. To be clear, I am speaking of sugar cookies with ginger mash or ginger juice in them. They look just like sugar cookies but have a small, spicy ginger kick to them.

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You could maybe make like a pudding or some thing ike that

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Pot brownies….huge hit at the Christmas Party!

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An exotic fruit salad…

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I know how about a really simple no bake cheesecake?

take one packet of biscuits (chocolate digestives are good)
crush in a bag
melt about an oz of butter in a pan and stir in biscuit crumbs
tip and press crumbs into a loose based baking tin
leave to set in fridge

tip 1 big tub of cream cheese philadelphia into a bowl mix until smooth cream

whip ¾ large tub of cream in a bowl until it’s stiff

fold into the mixed philadephia slowly

fold in about 5 heaped table spoons of lemon curd

pour mixture on top of cooled base and leave to set in fridge for about ½ hour


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Chocolate walnut torte.They might follow you home,so be careful!

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no was that in USA or UK?

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I have to go with brownies. And bonus if you bake them in this. Bring some vanilla ice cream and you will be a hero.

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Redneck Jello: It is made up of red jello, with sliced bananas stuck inside, and marshmallows floating on top, also stuck in the jello’s half liquid/solid state.

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How about a chocolate fondue?
All you need to do is mix together chocolate and cream, and serve it with strawberries, pieces of pineapple and of course marshmallows. Delicious

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I used to work with a girl who made Seven Layer Bars whenever we had a potluck lunch or other event. They are to die for and completely addictive. Plus, they are very rich so one batch of them goes a very long way.

You will be worshiped as a goddess if you bring them to work.

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@MissAusten: seven layer bars, aka magic cookie bars, are some good stuff!!

to everyone, keep those the suggestions coming – the more the merrier. i’m getting hungry now.

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A bowl of M&Ms mixed with cashews. Easy peasy and tasty.

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@johnpowell GA. I got a big kick out of that baking pan. I’m an edge person!

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