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Which is better, Verizon or Alltel?

Asked by Cheeseball451 (775points) February 20th, 2010

I have verizon at this point but i’m wondering if Alltel is better than Verizon?

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Alltel is actually owned by Verizon.
Signal depends on where you live. I would recommend AT&T, since I work for them, and I understand what is going on with the whole “who has a better signal” thing.

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I’ve been on Verizon for almost 5 years now and it’s been very reliable, I also just recently got a smart phone and the 3g is quite speedy as well. I know people on Alltel and they have never had any troubles with it.

P.S. Don’t get AT&T, listen to the thousands of people who complain about it not the guy who works for them. Sorry, @filmfann.

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If you’re talking about signal, it depends on where you live, as @filmfann said. I live in the Bay Area and Verizon was voted #1 for best signal/most service, ATT&T was #2.

I have Verizon and my mom has AT&T.. having used both services, I think I prefer the Verizon simply because I get a better signal most places, plus there have been times where I texted my mom and she never received the texts, so that makes me wonder what’s up with AT&T (I texted her from my Verizon phone and from a Tracfone).

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el oh el. My best friend just switched to AT&T from Verizon and we can hardly ever text or talk anymore because her service is shit and she can almost never get a signal. Whereas she never had a problem with Verizon. And I drove cross-country with a Verizon phone and only found two spots—somewhere in Wyoming, and going through Glacier National Park in Montana—where I didn’t have service.

Go with Verizon, my friend.

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Don’t get Verizon because if you do you can never call me. No signal where I live.

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Consumer magazine recently said, Verizon cell phones are the best.
We are keeping our Verizon cells. I am going to switch from my Verizon Internet, land line and TV because they are raising us by twenty five dollars. You have to switch to force future negotiations. It is a stupid game and I may never switch back. Last time we left for a while. We came back to an unbeatable offer.
Their Customer Service people are a joke. I have worked Public Relations and Customer Service. Every word they speak is pure bullshit. They are told only make a deal if such and such; and sell them something else to increase the bill. HA ha ha.
I plan to call them in August when my contract is up and tell come pick up your over priced equipment. Don’t bullshit me; lower the bill or anyone with a brain will leave. Only a moron believes your utter bullshit.

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In my area all the Alltel stores went to Verizon. They kept telling us our prices wouldn’t change etc. I was due for an upgrade, so yeah, my prices wouldn’t change until I upgraded. I couldn’t afford the service I wanted on Verizon, which was a smart phone plan. I decided to switch to Sprint, my bill is less and I have the phone I want.

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