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Is it possible to install the Blackberry Desktop Software without the user tools CD?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) February 20th, 2010

My sister and I switched phones (with switching the SIM cards). I now have a Blackberry Pearl 8220 Smartphone. She lost the user tools CD that you use to install the desktop software. I have my own laptop and I want to install it. Is it possible to do it without the CD? If not can I buy a new one? Is it expensive?

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You can download the software from here.

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you will also need to download the blackberry device OS

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You can download the software from the internet, just type in ‘Blackberry Desktop Software’ and select and option which is suitable. I have done this with the Nokia PC Suite, as I lost the CD aswell, but sometimes the sites are untrustworthy and download virus’. There is no way of knowing which sites are legitamate, so my advice would be too try and buy a CD cheaply. Try Freecycle or other free sites.


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thanks everyone I have downloaded it, although I don’t find it that helpful for importing pictures.

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@elinoree Welcome to Fluther…. just so you know, answers with clickable text are links to websites that respondents attach to their answers.

@desiree333 there are 2 versions of the Desktop Manager, one with a Media Manager and the other without the Media Manager. If you want to import pictures and songs, you should install Desktop Manager with Media Manger.

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@njnyjobs okay, I do want to upload pictures also, so I will download that one too, or instead of the one without media manager.

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