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When I get out of the hospital, Is it okay to eat out at restaraunts?

Asked by ducky_dnl (5378points) February 20th, 2010

I have been in the hospital since Wednesday going through chemotherapy. I should be getting out this coming Tuesday. My friend wants to take me out on sort of like a get well date. My doctor says it’s should be fine, but I seem iffy about the idea. I feel horrible, I think I look horrible, but I don’t want to miss out on hanging out with him. Also if I do go, how do I politely tell him he is just a friend?

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Hey I’d go with doc but maybe dont eat anything too oily or that has a sharp, stromg
flavor cuz they can upset your stomach. :) anyways great that you got better.

Ps : may i ask which illness was it? If its not about your organs im sure itd be okay to eat anything

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@frigate1985 It was for MM and I’ll be coming back, but after a few days of being home.

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I have no idea what MM is so i searched google for “MM disease” and the first entry says the patients die within 3 years?!?!?! Holy crow i hope thats the wrong one..anyways if its not abiut your intestines than im
sure youd be fine :)

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I’m guessing MM is Multiple Myeloma? If I’m right I’ll be surprised. My mom works in Oncology at a pharm. company and has gotten drugs approved for that kind of cancer. Feel better sweets.

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You have been through a lot…order in take out and enjoy a nice time together.

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Technically, you should be fine to go out, physically. But if you don’t feel like it, then don’t push yourself.

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Seems like the person wants to please himself,
don’t put yourself into uncomfortable situations to make someone else happy.
if he had put himself into your shoes, so to speak, he would’ve had better judgement.
but if you feel comfortable enough to enjoy yourself…,sure, but otherwise stay home and eat some healthy food that is going to revitalize you.
Good health and healing be with you.

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Stick with people who raise your energy level and not with those who drain you or bring you down. You don’t have to take care of him.

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He wants to do something nice for you. Let him buy takeout and eat at home where you can be comfy. All the best to you- you’ll need plenty of books for that outpatient chemo!

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If you feel horrible and don’t want to go, then don’t go.

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On the technical side of the issue, go with what the doctor says. Ask him again, get him to elaborate if you’re not sure. Ask him if there’s some type of food that should perhaps be avoided. Tolerable alcohol levels. Things like that.

Otherwise have fun.

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If the doctor says it’s ok, then, it’s ok. But it’s not ok if you don’t feel well. If you want to go home and rest, do that. Can’t your friend bring some take out to your home and visit you there?

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I would go with the Dr on the restaurant decision. To be safe you could order broth, a soft boiled egg on toast and jello for dessert. However if you want to cool your escort’s ardor order the richest food on the menu and let him hold your hair when you play the porcelain tuba.

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I reread your question. Do you feel he’s wanting to be a boyfriend?

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