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Why Paypal?

Asked by plethora (9579points) February 20th, 2010

There must be some avid users of Paypal on Fluther. I have a Paypal account and have used it a few times and find it to be a total pain in the butt, compared to just using a credit or debit card. Now I am seeing it pop up as a payment method on more and more sites. Just ran into a situation where I tried to use my usual credit card for this type of purchase (business) and the site would not allow it because my Paypal account was in existence and it offered Paypal as a payment method. What am I missing? Does Paypal offer any advantages over a credit card? I hate the fact that I have to make sure I have money in my Paypal account to use it, or transfer money after I use it. Just one more step. Again, what am I missing? Thanks.

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PayPal allows you to make a payment using your PayPal balance, bank account or credit card without actually exposing the information to your payee, thus minimizing transmission over the internet cloud. They also take responsibility, to certain extents, the security of your financial information.

You actually can always opt to use your credit card over a bank transaction to make payments by simply adding one or more credit card accounts to your PayPal account.

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@njnyjobs Thanks. Is this security issue the sole benefit?

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PayPal is secure.

Like @njnyjobs said, it protects the mugu from getting phished by dodgy dealers, and it protects legit merchants from carders.

it is waaay easy to card stuff over the internet, but PayPal has much more effective protocol and security systems.

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Organized crime enjoys it as a means of money laundering.

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@The_Idler Thanks. Didnt know it was much safer.

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@Captain_Fantasy No doubt…thanks…:)

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@Captain_Fantasy It’s not very good for that actually. Like I said, its security systems and verification protocols are very effective.

If you know otherwise, PM the details.

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paypal was an interesting, even revolutionary concept, it was supposed to bypass all kind’s of hoops, but alas i fear it has become what it set out not to be.

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It is easier.
I do not have a credit card (and that is a good thing) and when I pay with paypal it debits directly from my bank account without me having to type in a tan every time.
And I use my debit card only to get money from the ATM and I do not now if I even can use the card to make online payments.

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@mammal I heartily agree, which is why I am so surprised to find it popping up on so many websites. To me it’s a pain in the butt.

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Paypal offers kickbacks to businesses who offer it as a payment method. This is why it is showing up more and more online.

Also, it may be cheaper for the small business to utilize than paying the credit card companies for direct credit card payments.

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@davidbetterman Wouldn’t you know it. Thanks.

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