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Is there a website that names the newest and best movies?

Asked by tokijitza (56points) February 20th, 2010

Like a website that names good movies to watch like Shutter Island, Edge of Darkness, The Crazies, Avatar. THANKS :)

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well theres a website you could go to that has almost all the movies that came out – plus the movies in theaters still.

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I have The Internet Movie Database website bookmarked. They have info on past, present and coming soon movies, not just the best, but includes god and bad as well.. . . In theaters, DVD and Blu-Ray.

mirifique's avatar is the best site I know for this purpose.

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AllMovie is pretty good too.

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Rotten Tomatoes is a good site but the best movie will depend on who you ask. I mean they have given bad reviews on movies I thought were good.

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I would pick a few reviewers/sites to follow. You will pretty quickly find which sites you like the best. As well as all those linked above, I would try:

Roger Ebert writes my favorite site. He has been very ill but he still keeps churning out the reviews. It’s the first place I look to see if a film might be worthwhile.

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A Critical Consensus uses a large number of film critics, and averages their ratings of movies.

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