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Why is China, when NBC gives the Olympic medal count, hardly ever mentioned?

Asked by babaji (1440points) February 20th, 2010

Been watching the Olympics and have noticed that China and some countries are not mentioned in the report of the medal count on NBC. But especially China, even after they won Gold wasn’t in that medal count after they won Gold in something.
...,It seems like they are being intentionally omitted in the reporting,
Now i have noticed that when NBC, in it’s time slotted News , they will mention it.
But the regular report that pops up on the screen once in awhile, China is never there.

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I suspect it’s subtle propaganda.
NBC will show China they’re more prominently if they’re really getting worked over in a given event.

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Uh. Probably because China is 10th in the medal count. Who the hell cares about anyone below the top three places?

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China isn’t winning many medals. That’s not propaganda on NBC’s part, that’s just the truth.

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Because in terms of gold medals, China is #8.
In terms of total medals, China is #9.

I haven’t been paying attention to any Olympic coverage (Just checking every few days), so I don’t know how exactly they’re snubbing China, and whether they’re mentioning countries that are behind china, but I’m guess the fact that they’re not even in the top 5 is probably the reason for being ignored.

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