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Which tv family would make the lousiest/friendliest neighbours?

Asked by ucme (46838points) February 20th, 2010

Past or present, movies or tv take your pick of the best or worst examples of the families from next door.Just for S&G.

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Worst: Charlie and Frank from Sunny.

Best: Mitchell and Cameron from Modern Family. Mostly Cameron.

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The Duggars would be the worst.
The Huckstables would be the best. (Medical advice, legal advice, and Denise was pretty hot.)

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Brady Bunch would be cool to live next door to. They have fake grass, a gay dad, a maid who bangs the butcher and Marsha is hot.

Worst? The Cleavers. What a bunch of nerds. Although the mom was pretty hot and I kinda dug it when she yelled for Beaver.

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Worst: Eric Cartman from South Park.

Best: Mr Feeney from Boy Meets World or Ned Flanders from The Simpsons.

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I don’t fancy myself living anywhere near DCI Barnaby in Midsomer…

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I’d have to move if I lived next to the Griffins.
Hearing Peter’s laugh constantly would drive me to insanity.

Best: The Flanders

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Personally I would love to have the simpsons as my neighbors then I could visit them and have fun with them. We would get along so well.

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Best – The Adams family to make things a bit interesting, the Foresters from Bold for fashion advice and adultery advice, Worst The Osborne’s they are a bunch of fake idiots.

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Best:Adams family
Worst:Paranoid old lady from too many shows to count

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Worse-The Tanner family from Full House. Annoying fools.

Best-The Banks family from Fresh Prince. They’re rich. I could borrow money, or maybe a cup of milk.

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The Partridge Family would suck the worst because they would constantly be making noise with all that band practice.

Ned Flanders and his boys would be the best. They are God-fearing Christians who would give the shirts off their backs to help a neighbor in need.

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I’d live next door to the Stevens from Bewitched, mainly because then I could meet all of Samantha’s relatives. Can you imagine hanging out with Uncle Arthur and Serena? That would be a blast!

Worst neightbors would probably be The Ropers from Three’s Company. Or Larry. Good god, I hated Larry. And I’m grateful that there is no Regal Beagle near me.

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@aprilsimnel I would love to meet Dr. Bombay, Endora would be fabulous too and Serena just goes without saying! Lurve!

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Worst would be the Gosselins or the Octo-mom. Best would be Kramer from Seinfeld (the character, not the actual actor—yikes!) just for the hilarity, or Mr. Feeney from Boy Meets World.

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Worst: The family from Maclolm in the Middle
Best: The Munsters

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@forestGeek good call with the Malcolm in the Middle family! That mom is out of her mind!

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@SuperMouse – I think Hal, the dad, would be the only one that might be tolerable.

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The best would be the Steven’s neighbors from Bewitched. The woman was always peeping out the curtains and telling her husband, who didn’t give a rats ass. I’d make sure to scandalize her once a week.
Worst- Fred Flintstone. That big mouth and I would have words.

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Worst: Michael Meyers
Best: Wilson from Home Improvement

edited for misreading the Q.

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Worst: The Bundy’s from Married With Children (though Christina Applegate could visit!)
Best: The Cartwrights from Bonanza

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I’m torn between the Sutphin’s from Serial Mom or cousin Eddie’s family from Vacation for the lousiest neighbors.

The friendliest would be the family from Stuart Little.

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The Kate Bradley family from Petticoat junction, would make the best (Betty Jo, Bobbie Jo, and Billie Jo..Ooh la la)
The Roseanne Barr family would make the worst.

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Best family: The Solomons from 3rd Rock From the Sun. I’d love to see an “Incoming Message From the Big Giant Head!”

As Dick Solomon once said, he only got his job by kissing the Big Giant Butt.

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